Over a decade of personal growth. . . reading, saying & thinking affirmations, listening to audio, watching videos, absorbing quotes, more quotes, vision board, printing, pinning, posting of motivation, inspiration and I feel no closer to the personal growth & explosion of success everyone says I’d have when I just Change My Mind.

How depressing … right?? Actually, yes. Most people would say, “NO! I GREW SO MUCH!!”

Yea, I learned more, I think. But I don’t actually feel like a better person and my marriage isn’t better for it . . . so, what gives? Is this all a bunch of crap?

No, not crap but definitely not the soul changing, life evolving success I imagined.

I imagined SO Much more for myself  .  .   . know the feeling?

Sure, social media love me . . . all my followers and ‘friends’ who “feel” my positive energy. Don’t get me wrong, I AM a positive person but I have never felt completely “WHOLE”.

When your spouse and your kids don’t “buy” into your personal growth teachings . . . well . . . it makes you feel tiny, unworthy, and back to where you started a decade ago. No matter what anyone says, having the support of the people who surround you everyday IS Important! It’s ‘nice’ to have social media having my back, it’s important to have my family to have my back.

But here is the thing with me . . . I don’t give up. Call it stubborn or persistent or clueless . . . but I keep going. Willing to do something just a little different.

I realized that while I agreed with the
thoughts create words that
create action that
create habits that
create experiences that
create personality that
create success . . .
some part of me didn’t actually BELIEVE that My thoughts REALLY created my success.
I mean, I thought positively ALL. THE. TIME!! I Visualized Success! I BELIEVED IT . . . at least I think I believed it  … so why wasn’t anything changing?

I knew that when I was down, depressed I was less productive so, in a sense I understood that it was affecting my success but I never FULLY Embraced this motto, until .  .  .

I realized that I’m one of THOSE People . . . the ‘seeing’ is believing people. You know, those people who seem to be skeptical of anything until there is ‘proof’? I used to scoff at them. But then, when learning the SCIENCE behind HOW my thoughts DOES create success, I realized, I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!

When I understood the science, the molecular energy AND how thoughts change our internal chemistry – how our hormones and neurons and cells React to our thoughts, then BAM!! It was like a bolt of lightening struck me and EVERYTHING Just Made Sense! It became easier to Get out of the funks I’d get in . . . it became easier to be around the people whose energy was negative it became easier to understand that I was truly blocking my own success.

So, if personal development just hasn’t been working out for you. If you ‘see’ others ‘seemingly’ successfully ‘doing it’ and it’s still ‘not working’ then I encourage you to find what’s blocking you. DO you actually believe it? IF somewhere deep inside you do, then you have hope. If you truly don’t believe it . . . . don’t force it . . . you’re just not ready.

If you do believe it, then maybe you’re like me. Maybe Science will help you see how REAL this stuff is. I love all videos from Christie Marie Sheldon (I’ve shared her videos before) and I also love Dr. Joe Dispenza who breaks this down more scientifically than Christie and comes more from a scientific place, whereas Christie comes more from the spiritual science place. Below is one video that been incredibly impactful for me and I hope it will be for you too. If so, comment below and tell me about how it’s impacted you.

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