What I Learned from the Asparagus Band


As we approach the end of the year, I see so many people preparing for the holidays and the New Year. With the New Year come’s New Year Resolutions, or promises to yourself for activities you want to accomplish. I’m included in this group of people! Hustling and bustling and taking time to recap my past year then look forward to the next.

Part of my New Year Resolution, or Promise is to gain 15 pounds of lean muscle and MAINTAIN IT! Instead of waiting to begin January 1st, I started it this week! It feels great!!

Starting ANYTHING feels amazing! As I started my new fitness JennySung.com New Years Resolutionsroutine towards accomplishing my goal, my Promise, I am reminded that MANY, MANY people will make it a goal to get fit next year.


Here is something that will serve you better than any other tip you’ll probably get and it comes from an asparagus band. You know the rubber bands that are tightly keeping the asparagus together at the grocery stores? Those bands are on tight! When you take them off, they instantly snap back into place. There is little room for stretching. However, if you slowly stretch them, little by little and as they warm to room temperature, you’ll find they’ll begin to loosen. You can learn a lot from these little bands in creating better fitness experiences.

Always be sure to warm up your muscles before working them. For example, if you plan to workout your arms and shoulders today, be sure to keep the heart pumping to put oxygen to those muscles with exercises like running in place, jumping jacks, and more. When the warm up (at least 3-5 minutes) is complete take the next 2-5 minutes to stretch those muscles. NEVER attempt to stretch COLD muscles. Doing so can cause pain & injury!

Here is an activity most people fail to complete at the END of a workout, it’s a cool down period of stretching. Cooling down the body SLOWLY brings the heart rate back down to normal. The stretching releases the lactic acid that forms and builds during the workout AND rushes necessary oxygen BACK to the muscles that have been depleted during the workout.  These activities in your body will help prevent soreness at post-workout so you’ll be ready to get back to it tomorrow!

Remember to have a high quality, post-workout nutrition and protein shake to put back in the nutrients you used and feed your muscles so they can properly recover throughout the day; heck, throw some of that asparagus into your shake! (If you don’t have an optimal post workout recovery shake, let me know, I’d be happy to discuss with you!)

JennySung.com asparagus

“The greatest wealth is health. ” ~Virgil




Do you have love-hate relationships? Please leave a comment below to share.

To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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  1. December 18, 2011    

    Hello friend I was browsing on-line and I got here throughout your post… I loved reading it . I realized a lot about this topic that you just wrote here. Thank you a lot for posting an article like this one.

  2. December 18, 2011    

    Jenny, always love reading your posts! I love asparagus 😉

    • Jenny Jenny
      December 19, 2011    

      Thanks Vanessa 🙂

  3. January 8, 2012    

    Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

    • Jenny Jenny
      January 8, 2012    

      awesome Markus! You’re welcome 🙂

      • October 1, 2014    

        You keep out doing yourself- every year I love them and think they are the best and then the next year they are even betetr than before! I adore them and am so grateful that it is you that captures my family every year! Love you!

  4. Jenny Jenny
    December 27, 2011    

    thank you for stopping by.

  5. Jenny Jenny
    April 6, 2012    

    Hello there. Change links? Do you mean change websites? no plans on that. Guest blog? Sure! Email me: jenny@jennysung.com

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