What Does Real Estate Investing & Pro Blog Academy Have in common?

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What Does Real Estate Investing & Pro Blog Academy Have in common?

What does Real Estate Investing and Pro Blog Academy, by Ray Higdon have in common? Well, the fact that you’re here, is a testament that blogging can be an additional source to earning income in real estate investing, or, for that matter, in nearly any industry.

dreamhouseplanReal Estate Investing Sources of Income

Let’s take a second to back up on your typical sources of real estate income.

Many newbies start out wholesaling real estate and many experienced investors use this for additional, “quick” cash. But let’s face it, it’s not a residual source of income, meaning, you don’t get paid over and over for doing an activity one time. No, with wholesaling, after you’ve been paid on a property, you won’t get paid on that property again. That transaction is done.

Then you’ve got rehabbing & flipping – often more income but, again, it’s not residual and on top of that, it can take a lonnnng time before you reap the benefits. Time, like weeks to months and if you’re in commercial real estate investing, years. In the words of Sweet Sugar Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” …. Well … at least the bill collectors don’t!

Next you’ve got rentals. Yes, this IS residual and yes, it’s passive – meaning, you don’t have to constantly work to get the income, however, there is SOME work. You might be managing the property yourself, which means it’s really not at all passive as you take calls from tenants about leaking faucets, clogged toilets, and air conditioners that aren’t working. No, not passive at all. And even if you have a property management company, you still want to check in on them from time to time … after all, it IS your money & property.

How to Generate Real Estate Investing Income on Autopilot

Wholesaling real estate, rehabbing and flipping, and renting are all GREAT real estate investment strategies, alone, or combined. But, what about having a way to attract distressed sellers? A way to attract cash buyers? A way to attract other real estate investors? A way to attract additional income, passively, residually, and without much fuss?

A website is a great step towards this. I have several websites. One where Bird Dogs sign up and look for distressed properties for me. One where cash buyers can get on my list to know about properties I’m selling. Another for sellers to contact me about real estate they want to sell, fast. And, a blog. Blogs are REALLY great because it allows YOU to Give Value to attract more buyers, more sellers, more income, without asking for anything but time to Give back. (I use the iFlip system which allowed me to have ALL these websites set up under 10 minutes! You don’t need to be a web builder to have sites up in minutes anymore.)

Blogs are fantastic but, if you don’t know how to blog and earn income from it, then you’re wasting your time. For the 2nd time, I’m going through the modules of Pro Blog Academy, by Ray Higdon. I recently listened to Module 2 about Content Creation Machine. This is a critical module because without content, you have no blog. One of the challenges bloggers face is coming up with topics on a regular basis to write about.  In Ray’s module 2, he addresses how to never run out of content! It’s just, dare I say? Geeeenius!! I mean, okay, the ideas are seemingly simple, but he puts it out there and You’re Like, OH MY GOD! WHYYYY Didn’t I think of that?!??

I’m going to share with you some of this genius!

Pro Blog Academy & Ray Higdon’s Genius Methods to Blogging about Real Estate Investing

MI_Ray-Higdon_THUMBOne of the things Ray goes over is 3 methods to create great content.

One way to come up with fresh content: regularly, is to first go to your bookshelf and start scanning. Scan through the books you’ve read recently, the books that have an inch of dust, the books that haven’t even been cracked open …. Grab 3. Ask yourself: 1. Why did I buy this book? (the answer becomes your blog title!!) 2. How can I apply what I learned from this book?, and 3. How can I TEACH what I learned? (You can also apply this to CDs, online courses, and other educational resources about your niche you have.)

A 2nd way is ASK people what their #1 question is about _____ (fill in the blank.) After I listened to Ray say this, I actually PAUSED the video. I went to Facebook and Google +. I went into EVERY Real estate investing group I was a part of and asked the group, what their #1 question about real estate investing is. I started getting answers within SECONDS of asking the question. People WANT answers! Each of these questions is a future blog waiting to be written!!

And finally, the 3rd method Ray Higdon shares in Pro Blog Academy (get a complete preview of Pro Blog Academy & getting it for yourself Click now) on how to create content for your blog is to go to your local book store. Yes, the book store. You don’t have to necessarily buy anything, but browse books in your niche and ask questions like in the 1st method, 2 paragraphs up.

See? Blogging isn’t soooo hard!  The rest of the module, in case you’re curious, is about:

  1. How to properly SEO format each blog post (simple to do but if you don’t know to do it, you could lose out on LOTS of eyes on your blog a.k.a. traffic a.k.a. income!)
  2. How to overcome the credibility factor (WHY oh WHY would ANYONE want to read MY blog?!)
  3. And How to get paid to come up with content (ANOTHER source of income!!)

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