Wake Up Your Brain! Change Your Mind – Literally …!

Does it sometimes feel like your brain is moving slooooowly? Like fog has taken over? Hey, with 3 super active kids, I totally get ya! It’s GO GO GO all day along around here! Even on their school breaks! By the end of the day (and yes, sometimes all day!), my brain feels like it’s in a fog, cloudy and unfocused.

As I gear up for 2012, I am completely changing so many of habits, creating better habits to change what I attract and realize my dreams and goals. I’m setting action plans to set into motion what I want to happen. One thing I keep coming back to is, but HOW can I change my BRAIN?? I am who I am and need my BRAIN to actually change. To an extent, that old adage, ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” comes to mind and, well, while my brain isn’t “old”, per se … it does feel like it’s been a wee bit dormant…! So I started doing a little digging (online & off line – into my brain & computer hard drive!). Several years I had learned about brain waves and how music and sound can change how we think, how we feel, and how healthy our bodies are. As it turns out, as I was thinking about this, I got an email about just this!! I checked into it and music, the right music at the right frequencies for the desired effects can turn our brains ‘ON’.

I’ve just gotten back into turning “ON” my brain and WOW!! It’s LITERALLY Like putting in a new bulb where the old one was burnt out and just hanging there. I am listening to music for more compassion, music for more financial abundance, music for more energy, and music for improved health & immunity from sickness.  I listen to these at night where I can settle in, completely undisturbed, the frequencies can take effect throughout the night, and I wake feeling restored and ON! I’ve found I’m having better sleep too! BONUS!!

As I write my action plans, and these are BIG PLANS, for 2012, I KNEW that in order to create BIG CHANGES For these BIG PLANS I needed Big INTERNAL shifts. For me, it’s my brain; to get WAKE up and Get going!

Look up the most successful people on the planet and you will find that ONE of their common HABITS is to meditate and part of their meditation rituals includes music. Music creates certain brain waves to pulse, move, and take action which then stimulates action within your body and mind and spirit.Turn on Your Brain JennySung.com

Your brain frequencies is a key factor in your health; gaining or losing weight, heart disease, depression, diabetes, restoring health and more! It’s also important for creative outlets to allow our minds to visualize what want today and in the future as well as for creative activities such as writing, cooking, family time, drawing, and more.  In addition, it has been proven that understanding and tapping into your brain wave frequencies can change your habits. Powerful! I know!

I started brain wave entrainment because I had a lot of changes I wanted to make. One was focus – to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by thoughts, sounds, or the shiny metal object in the corner!! Another change was to bring out the compassion I have for my family. I was finding that the inability to focus was interfering with my ability to be as compassionate as I know I am; spending true quality time with each of my kids, listening to my husband – not just hearing him speak, and letting my heart lead a little more often than my logical brain! Since starting brain wave entrainment, tuning into the frequencies of my brain, I complete more of my to do list items quicker & more thoroughly, I have better focus & creativity in the activities that call for it, and my kids are happier about me spending time with them as though I have all the time in the world versus watching the clock for the next household chore to be done. There is still a lot to be done to really tap into what my brain is capable of but so far, the results have slowly been exactly what I hoped for!

There are several great sources for tapping into the proper brain frequencies for change.  There is one that is having a huge New Year sale, one that I personally use, and one that has a great reputation.  Check it out and tell me what you think: MindPower

Look, if you’re serious about changing the results you’ve had or want to simply improve upon them; earned 6 figures last year and now want 7, this can help. Can’t seem to lose those last few pounds? This can help. Seem to start smoking after 90 days? This can help. Can’t seem to break the habit of being on Facebook every hour? This can help!! Whether it’s breaking old habits, creating new habits, or getting more rest, changing your Mind is where it all starts!

I am currently learning to harness the vast powers of my mind to an Alpha and Delta states with focused traing and will tell you about it in the next 2 weeks. If you’re interested in that, come back here for details!

“Remember that YOU have the power to make the changes in your life that you want.  The ONLY one who will stop your abilities to make your dreams & visions become reality is YOU. If you haven’t had success in parts of your life, don’t continue doing the non-successful actions, do something new to wake your brain!” ~ JS Life Notes

Here’s a wonderful New Year for you!

Do you think this article will help you with Your New Year’s goals? Comment below to let me know.

To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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  1. January 3, 2012    

    Thank you for sharing,Jenny!I have used “Centerpointe” tapes based from Beaverton, Oregon. THey were founded on similar brainwave research. I just ordered my first set of Mind POwer tapes! I would also like to share a website on redox signaling molecules. I found this new emerging health science breakthrough a perfect compliment to mind body spirit. http://www.amazingmolecules.com/asea It added energy to all my other modalities. I would love to have your feedback! Blessings for year 2012 filled with good health, renewed joy and shared love! Shari Konishi Noldge

    • Jenny Jenny
      January 3, 2012    

      Hello Shari. So glad you found MindPower to be of benefit to add to your existing library. I love my music and will be buying more, especially since the sale has been extended! Let me know of your results 🙂

  2. January 8, 2012    

    Some genuinely select articles on this site, saved to my bookmarks .

    • Jenny Jenny
      January 8, 2012    

      Thank you! Glad you enjoy my articles 🙂

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