The 90 Day Challenge: What Is It & Is It Right For YOU?

The 90 Day Challenge – What is it and is it for YOU?

What is The 90 Day Challenge?

So if you’re on social media; Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, you’ve likely heard the buzz about The 90 Day Challenge. And if you have ANY curiosity in you, you’re wondering, WHAT IS IT and What’s ALLLLLL the buzz about?

Okay. First, it’s about setting goals for your health – nutrition first then add fitness. Work towards those goals for the next 90 days and don’t stop!! When the next 90 Days comes around, do it all over again because health doesn’t stop and neither should your goals to improve your health!

visalus-90-day-challenge-GOALSThe 90 Day Challenge

This particular Challenge is being encouraged by and supported by, a company, that, only a year ago almost no one knew anything about and the sales per year were less than they now are per month. Why? Because they promote a healthy lifestyle in a very easy way. What’s the company? Body by ViSalus Sciences. This company had scientists find the right combination of nutrition to be paired with eachother and your body to help you lose or gain weight, bulk up or create lean muscle, to stay healthy, to improve your health based on your goal and being a human.

Whether you want to lose 5 to 500 pounds or gain 5 to 50 pounds or finally bulk up with muscle or maybe gain lean, long muscles or maybe simple KEEP off the weight you’ve lost. Whatever YOUR Goal, The 90 Day Challenge is set up to help YOU reach YOUR goals!

Is It Right for YOU?

The 90 Day Challenge is good for you if you have a goal that is related to health based on adding to your nutrition. It’s a great starting point because it gives you an EASY program to follow on a daily basis for the next 90 Days.

Sports figures, fitness champions, The Biggest Loser contestants, moms, dads, college students, single people, married couples, everyone in all walks of life has joined The 90 Day Challenge because it’s soooo easy.

Okay – What do I need to do?

The 90 Day Challenge is first deciding within yourself to determine your 1st goal to work towards. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to accomplish, then you choose a kit that is paired with your goal. It’s pretty damn easy …. wish I had created it!


The 90 Day Challenge is a genius way to promote health with goals in an easy to follow and execute program that doesn’t feel like a program. You eat and do everything like you normally do with better nutrition. You’ll naturally have fewer cravings for unhealthy foods and naturally get boosts of energy to want to workout, exercise, gasp, get off the couch!

I am about to start my next Challenge, because it’s so darn easy to set & accomplish goals once you begin to see results after a few days!

The 90 Day Challenge Body by visalus_product_lineup

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