How to Stop Making Excuses

Stop Making Excuses

Excuses. We all make them and more often than we care to admit.

“I was up late, and that’s why I couldn’t wake up early today” (to work on my dreams…)

“I had a really busy week and that’s why I didn’t do….” (to get closer to my dreams.

“My kids were sick and that’s why …..”
“My boss gave me this new project so that’s why I didn’t ….”
“I work late so that’s why I don’t work out everyday”
“I don’t have the money ….”
“I don’t have the time…”

And the excuses keep going … never ending. STOP MAKING EXCUSES! These are statements you say to JUSTIFY in your mind why it’s OKAY to not do or to have not done something.

Let me ask you, how is that serving you?
Is it serving  you to get closer or further from your dreams and goals?
Is it serving you to have better relationships?
Is it serving you to stop living paycheck to paycheck?
Are your excuses helping you to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle you resolved to do on January 1st?

And in the mean time … who are you blaming that you didn’t do this or that? Who are you blaming for your lack of success or lack of taking action? Probably everyone, except the one person who is in control of what was or wasn’t done – yes, YOU.

So, this video is about how to and why you should Quit making excuses. The story I share may be familiar to you … maybe you do a lot of the same actions this person did and maybe, like him, you’re making the excuses then blaming someone else or blaming something else for your lack of ….

 Here is a great Excuses quote, do you agree?
quit making excuses











What do you think about the story I shared? Did you catch yourself recalling when YOU, yourself acted in the manner the guy in my story did?? Now that you are away from that situation and can ‘see’ yourself in it, how does it make you feel? Think about this and share with me in the comments – how will you change the excuses you’ve been making and how do you see it helping you?

Please be sure to share this video and STOP THE EXCUSES epidemic!!

The No-Excuses Club President,

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 Personal Growth Home Base Busines Coach

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