Remove your Mask, Your Flaws Can Be, Good?

How Your Flaws Can Actually Be GOOD?

Do you get down about your flaws?  “Woman Face” by graur codrin

Do you worry about how a certain part of your body looks?

Do you get depressed because you haven’t reached the professional success you thought you would have by now?

Do you compare yourself to others and wonder why them and not you??

Do you feel like others are so much more perfect than you?

Most everyone gets self-critical about something about themselves, you’re not alone. Not everyone voices their insecurities or worries but trust me, just about EVERYONE has them. That’s what makes us human. What separates THEM from YOU is HOW They handle their flaws.

When I’m in the car I listen to my Audible (books that are read to me), news radio, or a little music. Yesterday I happened to have on news radio and it was a talk show host who was on. He had a wonderful story I want to share with you.

There was an old woman who would carry two pots on either end of a stick and across the back of her neck & on her shoulders to the river every day to get water. One pot was perfect with no cracks. It carried all the water put into it from the river to home. The other pot had a crack that had gone unrepaired for years. By the time the woman returned home, the cracked pot had only half the water from the river. One day the cracked pot was sad and the old woman asked it why it was so sad. The pot told her he was ashamed of himself. He was cracked, imperfect, and could not fulfill its job of carrying water, its one job. He could only bring back half the water the other, perfect pot could do. The old woman told him, no, you do much more than you know. Do you see the flowers that grow on your side of the path when we come home from the river? I planted flower seeds years ago and every day that we come home You water Your side of the path and because of your water, flowers have grown. Every day I have fresh flowers in my home and they make my humble home smell good and look beautiful. If you did not have your crack, this would not be possible. You see, your imperfection creates beauty for the world and for us at home.

No matter your imperfections, they have a purpose, YOU Have a Purpose. You may not see it but others do. Trust that your cracks are a blessing to others. Do not allow what others’ “perfections” reduce what you have to offer. You have no idea what someone else is battling, what they see as cracks in themselves, what journey they are on or have been on.

We each have our own unique place in this world. Focus on YOUR footprint and in sharing what you learn or see or hear, you just never know who it might benefit today or tomorrow, next month or next year. Success in life is not always instant and you may never know how your cracks benefit others, but know they will. Your story is just what someone needs someday.

Did you get some value from this post? It is a short one today but sometimes, less gives more, right?

Please Comment below to let me know your thoughts of this story. Please be sure to share this story to Facebook or Google Plus, you never know who might need it today.

Let your cracks allow flowers to grow and create beauty,

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Jenny Sung

Jenny Sung

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  1. November 8, 2015    

    Yes Jenny this is awesome, gotta be you and remove the mask, every attractive character has weak spots and he openly admits about them 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Vitaliy recently posted..How To Use Solo Ads And Email Traffic To Generate 1,000+ Leads In A Single Day, Get 10,000+ Targeted Visitors By Tomorrow If You Want To And Create $7K PaydaysMy Profile

    • November 29, 2015    

      You’re welcome and thank you 🙂

  2. November 10, 2015    

    This post will make a lot of people feel better about their flaws Jenny.
    What I really like is that revealing our flaws makes us more relatable to others, instead of being a perfect person that cannot be faulted.
    Our imperfections absolutely do have a purpose.

    I really enjoyed your article, thanks!

    • November 29, 2015    

      You’re absolutely right Kay!!

  3. November 10, 2015    

    What a beautiful little story! Yes, we all do have a magnificent purpose!
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Lisa Mason Minter recently posted..Five Essential Steps To Becoming an Influential LeaderMy Profile

    • November 29, 2015    

      Thank you LIsa 🙂 You’re welcome.

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