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RayHigdon.comPssst … did ya hear about Pro Blog Academy? It’s the TOP Blogging program that GIVES you the Secrets to Ray Higdon’s launch from foreclosure to millionaire in a measly 18 months.  His mom actually answered the door when he was served with foreclosure papers (can you imagine?), his awesome girl friend (now, awesome wife) was paying for his utilities (the only bills being paid) and his bank account had barely enough to be worth keeping open.  In an effort to stay afloat with the big question on his mind that many of us have, “How can I get money?”, he decided to get back into a network marketing company (after already failing in 11 others previously). To get his name out there, without any knowledge, skills, or previous know-how, Ray set up shop, blogging – writing online about network marketing …. even though he hadn’t actually had any historical success in it.  He did this every single day …. without fancy plugins, keyword searches, or SEO expertise. He just wrote from his heart.

Fast forward to today, less than 2 years later. He is the top earner in his network marketing company (yeah, that risk paid off!), a top trainer and earner in multiple affiliate companies, and now earning 7-figures a year … that’s over $100,000 per MONTH …. over $25,000 per WEEK … over $3500 per DAY … from broke to breaking the bank! His answer to, “How Can I Get Money” was easier and less expensive than most people make it out to be.

After so many people have been asking Ray, “Please, Help Me get Money …” he answered by …..

Putting out a home study course just 6 days ago revealing HOW he did all this, just from SIMPLE BLOGGING!! He even admits, multiple times, he’s no tech geek guru, he just writes consistently … every day.

What Kind of Results Might I Get from Blogging?

I’ve followed Ray for the past year … not doing what has made him so successful, until about 2 weeks ago when I hunkered down and decided it was time to focus and make it happen; write every day. I’ve consistently written 12 out of the past 14 days with 2 or 3 days writing 2-3 posts … so I suppose I’ve made up for those 2 days I didn’t write!!  When I first started following Ray, I’d ask him questions and he’d graciously answer them all, giving tips freely and generously. Each one I applied worked amazingly awesome! So, when I found out that Ray was laying out ALL his blogging tips in one neat little package, well … it didn’t take too long to grab it up, along with all the nice bonuses he offered for Fast Action Takers (over $5,000 in bonuses!).

 I’ve gotten through 3 of modules and my, oh my!! I’ve ALREADY gotten my money’s worth but I’m going to keep on plugging away … but before I do … I want to share with you some of what I’ve learned from the $5,297+ product I just ordered! Is that totally cool or what?? Look, not everyone can buy his course right now so why not benefit from me sharing? If you think that’s a good idea, share it on Google+ by clicking G+ either above on the top left by the picture or at the bottom of this article under Share buttons.Look for one of these icons:

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Gimme the Goods to Blogging Success!

In th2 2nd module -Content Creation Machine, Ray gives some amazing tips!

1. – how to come up with content

2. how to earn an income from your content

First – How to come up with Content. Before getting into how to come up with it – he gets ONE thing out of the way: STOP trying to be creative. Whew. Isnt’ THAT a load off?? I mean, how many of you are stuck because you just don’t feel like you’re an Ernest Hemingway or even that terrible writer for 50 Shades of Gray? YOU get to control what to and when to publish, so just reeeelax! Alright – here are some crazy Smart tips!

1. Pull content from your bookshelf. If you’re like Ray and me, your bookshelf is LOADED with books on personal development, marketing, etc. Right there is a WEALTH of information just WAITING to be turned into a blog article! Pull out 3 books today and ask yourself what one question you had wanted answered when buying that book then, in a blog post, write about that question and how it was answered from your reading … how easy is THAT?? If you have more books to write about – keep on blogging! Here’s a Big Tidbit while you’re doing this. If you don’t already have it, get an affiliate link and use it for these posts! Your link will stay on your post forever and who knows who will buy via your link. But you know what I think is the best part? Once someone clicks your link, and they start browsing (like everyone always does), when they DO buy, your link is cookie’d into their computer so you’ll STILL get the commissions! Cool, huh?

2. Go to your local bookstore and lift content…. read that again – lift content, not the books!! I’m not suggesting you steal books but thumb through the books on your niche to get ideas. Bring your notebook because you can get a lot of content and blog ideas this way! (By the way, you can even do this on or other online bookstore, however, you won’t have the luxury of flipping through to get more content!)

3. Go to to see what’s trending now – find out what the hottest sites and searches are for and write about them! (You can also use the search engines – Google & Yahoo love to tell you what’s trending now!)

Do there are 3 ideas to come up and you really don’t even have to leave your house!!

Alright – another freebie for you!
How to earn money from your content.

1. Set up a quick webinar and charge a fee to attend. People perceive having paid for something as more valuable than getting the information for free. So, if you’re generating 3 leads a day from Facebook, then, you know what? There are people who would LOVE to know how to do that because they haven’t gotten 3 leads in the year they’ve been in business and on Facebook. 3 leads per day x 7 days per week = 21 leads per week x 52 weeks per year = 1,092 leads a year – do you think someone might like that? A clever webinar title might be, How I get 1,092+ leads on Facebook and how easily You can too. The webinar can be $7, $17, $27; whatever!

2. Create your own content. So, taking that above idea. Maybe to generate those leads  you have 6 steps you take daily. In the webinar you may go into fine detail about 3 of the ways. If people want the last 3, they would have to buy your e-book, for $27 or $47 or, maybe you also give them 2 audios at 25 mins each or 2 coaching sessions at an hour each and now the product is $97 or $197. See? You’ve now just found a way to Earn from Your own content!

Good stuff, yes, or yes??! (comment below with your response of Yes!)

Hope you learned a little something … I’ll give you a few more tidbits soon. If you want all the nitty gritty before all the bonuses are gone at midnight June 19th, go to to Ray’s Pro Blog Academy Now. You can even do the multi-pay option.

Your question on “How To Earn Money” Online has now been answered. Your welcome!! 😉

If you found this article useful, please comment below and remember to share with others because that’s what you learned to do in kindergarten!

Warm Wishes for Your Success,

Jenny Sung Answering: How Do I Earn Money





P.S. Want to learn 3 weird marketing secrets? Go Here Now,  unless you know all the secrets of the universe . . .

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  1. June 21, 2012    

    awesome consistent blogging. Way to go! Great review of how to create content, and how to earn money from your content. This is such a stumbling block for a lot of people.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted..10 BEST Home Based Businesses To Start During a Recession – Part 2My Profile

    • June 21, 2012    

      Thanks Sigrid – so true – I hope this article will help alleviate this challenge!

  2. June 21, 2012    

    You rock! I appreciate your gusto. It’s a great course, for sure. And your tips are only the tips of the icebergs. I’m sure some people won’t choose to spend the money for this course, so keep offering the gold.
    Steve Reiter recently posted..Grow Yourself. Grow Your MLM Business.My Profile

    • June 21, 2012    

      Thanks Steve!! Glad you came to visit!

  3. June 22, 2012    

    Hey Jenny,

    Great post, we also got the course and we went right to work, we first were only posting a blog post like every other day for the first month. We followed some of the other tips and ideas that Ray covers in his course, and saw a huge jump in traffic to our website.

    We are in month two and we made a pact to post every day and we have been able to do it, and the traffic has skyrocketed, and our Alexa rankings are like on fire now.

    We also have started helping many of our small business clients with their blogs and its amazing how much it has helped them also.

    Keep up the great posts!
    Robert David Strong recently posted..Growing a Profitable Internet Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  4. June 23, 2012    

    Great post Jenster, it is super important to blog daily. I remember when I first got started blogging, and I made it a goal to do a blog post a week, def not a good strat lol. Keep it up!
    Matt Ferguson recently posted..Why You Should Start Your Own MLM BlogMy Profile

    • June 24, 2012    

      Thanks Matt! Daily is definitely where it’s at!

  5. September 19, 2013    

    This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped
    me. Thanks a lot!
    Julius recently posted..JuliusMy Profile

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