Negative People: How You Can UNIQUELY Manage a Negative Person

Negative People and How you can UNIQUELY Manage a Negative Person

Negative person may be thinking that the easiest thing to do to manage negative people would to simply apply positive thinking, right? Well, that definitely helps, but it can be pretty challenging sometimes. If you are around a negative person once in a while, it’s one thing, but what if you are around the same negative person or negative people day in and day out? What if that negative person is someone you work with or live with? Positive thinking can help, but, in my experience, you sometimes need more than that.

You need a change in mindset.

This is MORE Than the Power of Positive Thinking … it’s a SHIFT in understanding.
Watch this short video, apply the change and you’ll see the things around you, the negative people around you ‘seem’ to change.


Was this what you thought it would be? Did you learn something new from this video and how your perspective in how you respond to negative people?

Did you receive some value from this? Please comment below to let me know.

Shifting Mindsets,
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Jenny Sung

Jenny Sung

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Did this post help you in how YOU will view negative people? Please comment below and share this post.

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1 Comment

  1. January 29, 2016    

    First, Great Book!!

    Second, Amazing Video!!

    Third, Powerful Point!!

    We choose how we perceive and define events and experiences. These perceptions and definitions dictate what the experiences mean and therefore our reactions. Even our choice of reactions. The only choice we have in order to live happy and fulfilling lives, is to grab hold of the reins and hold ourselves accountable for creating empowering understandings and choices in our Life.

    Thank You so much for sharing!!

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