How to Make Videos & Upload, All Without Fancy Equipment

The past few months I’ve had to halt making and uploading videos because technology was being my frenemy. My computer suddenly stopped recognizing my phone and cameras (thank you Windows 10, thank you). It would take hours, yes, literally hours for videos to upload from my phone to YouTube. And, because I was simply losing my mind (in addition to now having kids at home for the summer which can get a bit crazy when you work at home!), I stopped so I could just get a breather.

Wellll … I like making videos. And so, I took a suggestion given to me a while back about this method, and MAGIC!! (Imagine if I had just done it back then … that’s in another video…. yes, I’ve made videos galore for you!)

So I’m now using this insanely easy way to make videos, save, and upload them without any fancy equipment, hardware, and save space on my computer! BTW – I finally got my computer to recognize my phone so I can upload EVEN FASTER to YouTube ; Happy Dance!

Okay, so, check out this short 3 minute video gives you all the details! Seriously, you have just 3 minutes, right??

Alright … so you watched the video, right? RIIIIIGHT?¬†Genius, right? Hey, if you got some value from these past 3 minutes, comment below. And if YOU got value, just Imagine the value your social media peeps could get if you simply click on a share button below. G+, FB, Twitter, Go Crazy!

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Happy Video Making!
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