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Make time for Golf Balls & Beer

Golf Balls and BeerI know … an odd subject title for me, a mom who writes about inspiring topics but I promise this is completely related to my normal writings and, in the end, you will be fully inspired … or at least agree that it is along with my subject manner.

The Story

I recently read an article about a university professor who stood in front of his class with an empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it; now, I don’t know if this story is actually true … my guess is, I saw it on Facebook, therefore, it MUST be true, right??

This professor first filled the jar with golf balls.
He then asked his class if the jar was full.

Everyone, unanimously shouted, “Yes!”

He then took pebbles, shook the down into the jar and filled the jar to the top.
He then asked if the jar was full.

Again, everyone unanimously agreed, “YES!”

The professor then took sand and filled the jar to the top, filling in the spaces between the golf balls and pebbles.
Then he asked, again, if the jar was full.
Well, of course, the class gave a resounding, “YES!!”

To which the professor THEN opened beer and poured in the contents filling in the spaces between the golf balls, the pebbles, and the sand.
And he finally asked, “Is the jar full, now?”

The class, without hesitation, agreed with absolution, “YES!!!”

“Yes,” the professor agreed, “the jar is full.”

The Lesson

The professor continued on with his lesson:

The golf balls represent the biggest, most important areas of your life: family, friends, pets, and the like. If you have only these, your life will be full.

The pebbles represent another, but smaller and yet still important part of your life. These include your job, hobbies, and things that you ‘should’ get done; housework, for example. You fill some of your time with the pebbles.

Then you have sand. These are small & final things in your life that you attend to, when you have time.

So, spend the majority of your time with your Family and friends. Your job is secondary. And mowing the lawn or cleaning the house? These take 2nd fiddle to the golf balls in your life. The lawn and house won’t care if you didn’t spend time on them but your family & friends will.

What is there ALWAYS Time for?

The class then asked, but what about the beer??

The professor gladly responded, “I’m glad you asked. When you’re life is full, you’ll find you can always top it off with beer with a friend.”

My Two Cents

Thanks for reading this story about golf balls and beer and how it relates to real life …in a very round about way!
Comment below to let me know how you feel about this story.
I’ve shared this in many areas of social media and now here on my blog. Please share with others so they too can be inspired!

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