Insanity The Asylum Review Day 3 Back To Core

Insanity The Asylum Review Day 3 Back To Core

Insanity The Asylum Review

J – E – L – L – O!

Today’s review is my workout of Insanity: The Asylum Day 3 Back to Core and JELLO is exactly how I feel!
If you are under the assumption that you have to lift weights to get results in building muscle and to get a full workout, you’re wrong, oooohh sooo wrong! You can get AMAZING results by using bands and you’re own body – ISOMetric workouts – this actually uses your own body’s weight & strength. This was a revolutionary method to building strength, muscle, losing/gaining weight, and toning when it was first introduced. Today, few people really use this, however, Insanity, The Asylum takes full advantage of this amazing tool you can take with you anywhere you go to create the body you want without a lot of weights and space.

So what is Back to Core? As with the other Asylum videos, it’s an all over/cross-training workout. This will workout your legs – yep – every bit including muscles you didn’t know existed, your arms (finally get rid of that waddle!), your obliques (get a rockin’ hour glass figure and say goodbye to the muffin top & love handles), abs (hello 8 pack), with a FOCUS on the back. The back is OFTEN overlooked in working out but, it is one of your most important parts of your body to strengthen for proper health and wellness. This video focuses on the back while working out everything else, yeah, I think my toes and hair folicles are tired too.

It’s now been about 2 hours since my workout and cool down …. I am totally wiped yet feel amazing! I feel really good! My muscles got a great workout and I feel like I can breathe better, I can move better, and I feel healthier.

If you want a challenge and keep active with intense levels of movements throughout a workout, Insanity: The Asylum is a fantastic pairing with those goals.

What are you doing to exercise this hot summer? Comment below, share with me :-) and remember to share with others who might be interested in Asylum before they buy.










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  1. June 14, 2012    

    Iso and plyo kick your butt! Keep up the good work!!
    Vanessa Van Horn recently posted..Home Business Biking Toward SuccessMy Profile

    • June 19, 2012    

      I agree Vanessa! Iso & Plyo are so underused but can make HUGE impacts on health!

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