Admittedly, I have a lot of blocks . . . money, relationships, internal self love and “I AM” Statements Don’t work because I have events in my life that have Programmed me to feel these ways and because these have not been cleared from both my understanding and beliefs, I don’t believe these “I AM” statements.

Not being good enough stems from pre-birth when my birth mother decided she would give me up because her family was disgraced by an out of wedlock pregnancy. Then when I was 3 I was given up by my birth father because his wife-to-be didn’t want the misfortune of having children from a previous relationship. There is so much more but you get the idea . . . tap into YOUR programming events.

And money? I started my young ages in an orphanage … yea, money wasn’t available. Then when I was adopted, my adopted parents often talked about not having enough money . . . in fact, I remember when I was 6, I wanted to join Girl Scouts as a Brownie. My brother had to stop karate to let me join Brownies because they couldn’t afford both and I hadn’t had a chance to join anything yet . . . . which also led to the belief that when spending money for one thing, someone else suffers.

My stories are abundant in forming my beliefs … and so do you and until THESE Are cleared, you’ll continue to carry these deep within yourself.

I learned about this in-depth when I first heard a MindValley talk by Christie Marie Sheldon and I was BLOWN Away by her energy and knowledge. As I searched for more of her videos, I came across these two that are POWERFUL and Can be LIFE CHANGING! Watch both for MAXIMUM Impact to change your life, TODAY.

Then share with me below how these have impacted you!

Watch this FIRST! IMPORTANT! How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality

How to Clear Abundance Blocks

Changing your frequency definitely takes mindful practice but isn’t everything mindful practice until it becomes a habit? Stop yourself from the allowing the frequencies in that do not serve you positively and allow in what does serve you.

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