Yesterday I shared with you a post about how Stress is GOOD For you . . . remember that? If you didn’t read it, check it out here: Stress is Great

In that I shared with you that there are TWO kinds of stress . . . a good kind and how it actually HELPS YOU & the bad kind and how it can keep you from success.

Yesterday was about HOW the good stress is a driver. But, to understand that, you must also understand WHY the bad stress is SO BAD for you.

There have been many cases where people with chronic disease – for example – cancer or dibilitating disease, such as MS where individuals have gone into “spontaneous” remission. Meaning, the cancer has unexplically disappeared, a person with MS can walk without a problem. HOW is this even possible??

The chemistry, the cells, the communication strings in our bodies determine healing of disease, stress, anxiety, depression or alternately, the continued spread of disease, stress, anxiety & depression.

Skeptical? Yea . . . part of me was too; for years in fact. But consider how our bodies work. We can pump gallons of blood per minute, without thought. Our bodies are firing neurons, thousands of thoughts, and duplication, growing & renewal of cells by the thousands every second and we don’t think about ANY OF IT. Right? Do you think of ANY of this having to keep you alive?? We breathe which helps our blood, our thinking, our brain activity, everything inside our bodies. And we don’t even think about it. We blink, we even scratch itches with little to no thought. Not only do we have a miraculous system that works to keep us alive, it does so without our intervention.

And, if you know that when you think sad, when you dwell on the stress of life, it seems like those thoughts escalate and linger … minutes, days, even years. You can’t seem to EVER get out of being broke or can’t ever find the fairy tale love others seem to find. This is an EFFECT of the cause of what’s happening in your mind. Your body chemistry RESPONDS.

So …. if dwelling on being broke, unattractive, unsuccess, then WHY couldn’t changing our Brain chemistry by BELIEVING that there is a HIGHER Intelligence (like the workings of our body like I mentioned above) and Dwelling on being rich, attractive, success do exactly the same?

If these thoughts create chemistry in our bodies that creates a breakdown in how our bodies work (science shows us this) then what IF we changed our thoughts, and more importantly, BELIEF, couldn’t we then start seeing what we really want?

Stress, anxiety, disease CAN be changed by the chemistry of our body by changing our beliefs.

The people who ‘cured’ their diseases had 4 things in common (and it wasn’t being vegan or working with crystals or a certain religion or gender or culture, just these 4 things that were not specific to any certain TYPE of person). Discover those 4 things, in detail in this video below on How To Create Your Reality and truly understand the SCIENCE behind WHY this has worked for them, and yes, can work for you!

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