How to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

Happy Young Woman Jumping On The Beach ID-100157462 As we draw closer to the end of the year, there are two things I see happening.

One – people are a hustle & a bustle buying holiday gifts … gifts for family, gifts for friends, gifts for teachers, coworkers, and neighbors.


Two – people are beginning to plan what they are going to put on their New Year’s Resolutions or their New Year’s Goals.

Like the first group, I’m also figuring out gift giving … for a similar group of people – family, friends, teachers, and neighbors.  

And, like the 2nd group, I am also thinking of next year’s goals but I’m also thinking of goals for this week, the next 30, 60, 90 days, the next 5 and 10 years.

But I may have a different way of going about the way I am approaching both than some or even most people.

I am doing these things in a way to attract abundance.

What Do You Mean, you ask?

Well … most people think that in order to Attract anything they need to take action towards what they want … attracting abundance may seem a bit tricky though. You see … the Law of Attraction works this way – yes, you need to take action and take action that is not only self serving and towards what you ultimately want but also one that proves that you are worthy of what it is you want.

Basically, you need to prove to the Law of Attraction that you can handle what you already have in order to be in a position to take on more.

For example, the person who has a small house, dreaming of a larger house but doesn’t take care of the small house – the roof has holes, the siding is rotting, the grass is overgrown, the gutters are rusted, the walls are moldy, there are clothes everywhere, and dirty dishes always on the counters and filing the sink … well .. do you really think they are ready for something more? And maybe this is an exaggeration but how about the home that just isn’t kept up – the siding is falling apart or the inside is always a mess or smelly? If you can’t handle what you have, what makes you think you should get more?

Let’s take finances. Everyone wants more money. Yet, 95% of the population has only $500 in savings. At least that many are living paycheck to paycheck. Over 46 Million people in the U.S., that’s almost 15% of the U.S. population is living in poverty – meaning they aren’t earning enough income to take care of their families. How many, do you think have over $500 in savings? How many,do you think have budgets? How many, do you think watch their spending? How many, do you think will give much greater value to earn more than poverty level?

Finances is like anything else – it too is at the mercy of the Law of Attraction. You need to SHOW that you DESERVE what you want. You need to give more value, you need to show you can handle the money you have to get more.

My kids often want more. More toys or more electronics or more pets or more of what everyone else has they don’t. And I tell them … if they want something, they should find a way to get it and how can they expect to get more if they aren’t showing they can handle the responsibility of what they already have?

If you have a full plate, how can you want more when you can’t finish what you have?

So if you want more money, earn it – give more value, start tracking what you earn & what you spend, budget, find ways to earn more.

If you want a better car, find a way to make it happen.

If you want a better job, start looking! Meanwhile, give amazing value where you are so you can prepare for the next level of earnings!

Don’t make goals once a year. Better yet, determine your Vision – your purpose then set your goals and actions to create your vision. Set action steps in the short term so you have goals to reach for all the time and, even as important, be sure to reward yourself all the time for even the smallest of victories!! Called someone you were too nervous to? Reward yourself! Wrote a blog post every day this week? Reward yourself!! Did you work out 3 days this week? Reward yourself!! Did you eat healthy at lunch AND dinner today? Reward yourself!

Set yourself up to succeed by planning to take the first step then the next two and then the next five … before you know it, your goal of climbing the hundred steps will be behind you!

I hope today’s post helped you – whatever you want MORE of, be sure you’re proving to the Universe you can already handle what you have, responsibly, and are ready to take on more!

What do YOU want more of? Comment below and share – this is a community who will support, encourage, and cheer you forward!

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To YOUR Great Abundance!
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Jenny Sung

Jenny Sung

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  1. Rudi Rudi
    December 3, 2015    

    Thanks Jenny. Love this point of view. Wanting something but not truly being ready for it has a lot of logic to it. As Jim Rohn used to imply .. If you win a £Million you soon better start thinking like a millionaire or you’ll lose it!

    Thanks again.

    • January 19, 2016    

      Love Jim Rohn and I love that you shared this quote! Thanks Rudi!!

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