Stress . . . . it can build you up or tear you down.

Don’t believe it?

Look at Michael Phelps, the MOST decorated Olympian in history to date . . . think he never had stress?
How about Michael Jordan? The most well known basketball player, think he never had stress?
What about Warren Buffet? One of the wealthiest investors in the world, don’t think he’s ever dealt with stress?

You see, stress is meant to be a driver to move us forward. It’s meant to PUSH us to our greatness. To Do Our Best, to be better than we’ve been.

Think about it . . . have you ever procrastinated on a project only to have your best ideas come flooding in at the 11th hour because you HAVE to get it done?

How about in sports? Ever felt the pump of adrenaline that Pushes you to play harder than at practice? To see strategies that you didn’t before? To feel ALIVE?

Or how about that tight deadline at work or as a volunteer where people or even your job is on the line?

All that is stress . . . it Pushes you to Rise above your everyday self.

Every year I volunteer to be the chair of a big event for my kids – the class party (200 or so kids), dance, etc. I ALWAYS think WAY Bigger than I ever need to! I always strive to outdo Myself . . . and yes, outdo any event from the past!! As the event gets closer, the stress levels heightens to ridiculous levels and what’s worse is that’s also when I get all these last minute ideas that, of course, I figure out a way to make happen! The day of the event I am putting together last moment details and ensuring all the details are as well thought out as I can possibly make them! THIS Stress PUSHES Me, in a good way!

Afterwards, I always unwind with a bottle or 2 of wine with the other volunteers and finally kick back! Rewards are always sweet after you’ve pushed yourself to be your best!

Now, don’t confuse it with the stressor of bills or finances or relationships that can create anxiety or depression or worry. This is a different stress, known as ‘bad’ stress that can cause breakdown.

Those with the Good Stress tend to have less of the bad . . .interesting, isn’t it?

So, the million dollar question is, “How to create good stress?”

Good stress is found in situations that make you strive for more. These are stresses in environments you create – the job, the activity, the volunteer event.

If you have an at home business, it would be creating X # of leads per week, Y # of new paying clients per week, etc. to pay bills, to keep business going, etc. These are stresses that can Push You!

Here is a great TED Talk about How to Make Stress Your Friend – watch it and let me know in the comments – What Kind of Stresses PUSH YOU & How can YOU Use Stress to Success?

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