How Less Goal Setting Makes for Bigger Results

Old Thinking: Lots of Big, SMART Goal Setting

You’re probably used to writing lots and lots of BIG Goals, right?Setting Goals

You start each day or each week, looking at ALL the Goals you’re going to accomplish this week. 3 to 4 professional goals. 3 to 4 personal goals.

These might include:
Professional/Business Goals:
1. Earn $1,000,000 this calendar year from online marketing,
2. Create 3 products this year that earn at least $100,000 each,
3. Hold a LIVE Event

Personal Goal Setting:
1. Spend more time with my kids,
2. Run a half marathon by July 4th & lose 25 pounds,
3. Become closer to my family

You take each of these BIG Goals and make a daily action list of things to do to get closer to these goals, am I right?

So now think about this – are you left with unchecked items at the end of each day? Things you DIDN’T Do? Do you see this pattern almost, if not every day?

How accomplished do you feel at the end of each day when you see unmarked items? How much Closer do you actually FEEL towards reaching your Goals?

New Thinking: One BIG Goal

Did you know that when computers were first made, they were made to do ONE thing at a time? And still today, did you know, they can ONLY DO One thing at a time? When you have multiple tabs in your browser open, thinking you’re allowing one thing to launch then work composing an email, the computer actually does only one of these tasks at a time? It does one, then switches to the next task. If you have a high speed computer, these may seem to be happening simultaneously. If you don’t, you experience the computer slooooooowly doing one task then switching to the next. Our brains are just like computers. The human brain is only capable of handling one task at a time. When you’re cooking, talking on the phone, and telling the kids to get off the table, your brain stops focusing on 2 of those 3 things so it can focus on the one. That’s why when you talk to your kids, you miss what your sister said on the phone and didn’t really notice the spaghetti boiling over until, well, it was boiling ALL over!

Imagine now, you’re cramming ALL these GOALS, ALL these ACTION STEPS, ALL these TO DO items into your brain. HOW do you expect your brain to be able to accomplish them all much less focus on any well enough to master?

So, instead of 3 to 4 professional goals, how about ONE. YES, I said ONE GOAL. MAKE ONE BIG GOAL to focus working towards. Do you want to earn $1,000,000 from blogging? Then become the BEST DAMN Blogger the world has ever seen!! Pay someone on Fiverr to backlink for you because YOU’RE Focusing on blogging! Pay someone to post to those 51 Facebook groups, because YOU’RE Focusing on blogging. Pay someone to learn to create opt in pages and lead magnets, because, you got it, You’re focused on blogging!

COULD posting to Facebook groups be part of becoming the best blogger? Sure it could. But don’t FOCUS on it.

And instead of having 3 to 4 Personal goals, have ONE BIG GOAL. Want to become eat better? Then FOCUS ON THAT.

When you’re ready and feel you’ve pretty well mastered something, then, and only then, add to the goal, expand that goal, or maybe add another goal!

Next blog post I will be talking about How to REACH Your ONE BIG Goal. You need this ONE THING to make it happen!!

Summary of Goal Setting

Did you receive some value here today? Share with me how many goals you HAD before reading this post and if you plan to take one of them to focus on or if you’re going to have your One Goal be something completely different now that you have a new perspective.

If you did get some value, please share this post to Facebook or Tweet it to your peeps!

Dedicated to YOUR Success,
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Jenny Sung

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