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How Legos Make Me Happy & Gives Life Perspective ….? (& Motivation?)

Do you play with Legos?

Legos make me happyHave you built cities, towns, battles, & story lines that can only happen from an imagination? My kids have Legos and before them, I never played with Legos. Before kids, I didn’t do a lot of what I do now and, you know what? I’m a better person because of them. I’ve become more patient. I’m more aware, more selfless. I’m more understanding. I’m more appreciative of the time I have with others and for myself.

Speaking of time spent … have you seen The Lego Movie? There is a song in there that is Awesome! In fact, it’s called, “Everything is Awesome!” I catch myself launching into this tune most anytime I say the word Awesome!)

Take a Break and Enjoy This fun Video

(WHAT? You don’t KNOW the song? No worries! I got you covered! Here is the song (& bonus! the video!)

Okay… now that you’ve seen that and know the song (and …. I’ve gotten that song into your head…)

This song puts life into Perspective!

You see, everything IS Awesome (in most cases…)

It’s spring right now and you may be one of those blessed to feel every piece of pollen in the air affect your airways and passageways … blessing you with sneezing, sticky eyes, itchy throats, and sinus swelling. And, while it’s not ideal, in fact, down right miserable, the blessing is the fact that you can feel all these things.

My Story of Perspective

Or how about your finances? Are they in the dumps??

Look, years ago I invested in real estate. I was also a licensed agent, representing investors. I was doing well as an agent and pretty decent at investing. I had a great credit score of 718 and could get the best mortgages; 100% financed in fact, at the time.  My husband and I were doing pretty well.

Finally we invested in one property that put us over the edge. We didn’t stay on top of the contractors. We didn’t push for work to get done. We didn’t take ownership of a property that could have been flipped for a $80K profit.

Instead, we got too lazy from the success we had til then.

We simply didn’t know at that time what we know now.

But, that property ultimately went into foreclosure.

And for a long time afterwards, our woes kept tumbling us down … we continued to not realize how to do better.  But, I always kept the perspective that things would get better and that we weren’t at rock bottom so that was good and even if we got to rock bottom, it was the bottom, we only had up to go!

You see, the RIGHT perspective can change your current circumstances and ultimately your future circumstances.

So, when things aren’t going your way, get into your head the Lego Movie song and realize,

“Everything Is AWWWESOME!!”

Is This Awesome?

If you agree this was awesome, comment below. I’d also love to read a story of yours that could have been disastrous to your life if you didn’t have the right perspective. And if you think someone else might benefit from this, please share by clicking on a share picture below this article.

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TODAY’s Quote of the Day: (Rest in Peace Stephen Covey)

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.” ~ Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

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