Goal Setting for Bigger Results part 2

Goal Setting For Bigger Results Recap

In yesterday’s blog post, I shared with you why the traditional method of teaching goal setting is all wrong and the reason for most people’s failure. If you haven’t read that post yet, go back and read it here: Goal Setting for Bigger Results (opened in a new window), then come on back here to read this post! I’ll wait for you …. Goal Setting Plan

Okay then … welcome back if you were gone! Hope you shared and commented, right?

So at the end of that post, I teased you that in the next post (that’s this one here), I’d share with you HOW TO DETERMINE Your ONE THING, that ONE GOAL for you to focus on for Bigger results!

How to Find Your ONE GOAL?

I’m going to share with you the 3 P’s to determine what goal to focus on and how to keep that focus for your professional life and your personal life.

PURPOSE – when you wake up, what do you feel like is your calling, your purpose for walking on this Earth right now? Do you love to share what you’ve learned in Personal Development like me? Do you love to teach others about health and wellness? Do you want to be the Superhero Animal Rescuer? Whatever your purpose, focus on THAT! Dig deep within you … what is a part of your everyday, no matter if it’s raining or the sun is shining? What is a SO a part of YOU that others know it too? Maybe you have the most beautiful garden because, to you, it’s therapy, and in the process have learned more about gardening than you could have imagined you would and love the beauty it gives to others. Maybe you love to teach your love of reading or your love of sports to children? Maybe you just simply love to teach, teaching anything you learn so others can grow too. Whatever is part of your heart, is your Purpose.

PASSION – whatever you choose to be your ONE THING, Do it with PASSION! Put your excitement, your enthusiasm, your love, and heart into it,, everyday! Make it the first thing you do everyday! If YOU Don’t feel the excitement, how do you expect anyone else to feel it?? You might not be jumping up and down but you feel it in your heart that it’s what you should be doing and you look forward to it daily, this is Passion.

PRIORITY – did you know that the origin of the word, priority is from an old French 14th century word, Priorite which came from the Latin, Prior, meaning “First”. Using this very basic origin for the word, isn’t it interesting that we have now pluralized this word, which means first? How can there be more than one First of anything? So, when setting your daily goals, make your ONE THING a Priority, the FIRST THING you work on. There cannot be more than one first, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, you cannot do more than one task at a time, hence, you cannot prioritize 2 things to be the first things you do each morning! Make your One Thing, Your One Goal, Your Priority.

Where To Learn More About The One ThingThe One Thing book

I love to share what I learn. Sometimes I’m great about sharing it pretty quickly and sometimes time gets the better of me. These two posts about Goal Setting is from a book, I listened to the audio, called The One Thing, The Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller  . It is by far THE BEST personal development book I’ve ever learned from! I highly recommend you getting the audio or the book or both! I will continue sharing a few more lessons I’ve learned from it, however, if you are serious about having extraordinary results, I suggest you get this book NOW.

Goal Setting Summary

Did you receive value from today’s post? If so, please comment below to let me know, what is YOUR One thing? Please share with others so THEY Can have Extraordinary results like I know you will!

In the next blog post I will share how to turn those REALLY BIG GOALS into action steps TODAY!


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