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This past week I read a wonderful post from a friend of mine about something I learned years ago and loved the reminder.

Envy is usually based on a sense of unfairness (example: why them, not me!). Cure? STOP looking at “them” and focus on “you” and one day “you” will be “them”. ~Victor Antonio Giving Heart  What does this mean and how do you actually apply this to your      everyday life?

When you see someone who is better looking than you, you say, out loud, “Bless their Good Looks!”

When you see someone driving the car of your dreams, you say, out loud, “Bless their beautiful car!”

When you see someone with 3 kids and you’ve been trying to conceive for the past several years, you say, out loud, “Bless their fertility & healthy kids!”

When you see someone having the success you know you deserve, say out loud, “Bless their success.”

You see, when you Give, You Get.

You don’t have to believe in a higher being, but it does help to believe that when you give blessings, or have pure, authentic happiness for the success of others, be it natural or through their own efforts, then blessings will come back to you!

This will be true for you in all aspects of life.

Do you want more abundance in finances? Give of yourself in time to those who need, give of yourself in value – it’s not all about giving money!

Do you want more abundance in friends? Give of your friendship, authentically being interested in others.

Do you want more abundance in time? GIVE of your time today to get time tomorrow and thereafter.

You see? The Universe, higher beings, whatever you believe, will see you giving and will give back.

Oh! And of course, SHOW that you DESERVE the get by what you do for yourself too! want more wealth? SHOW you can handle (save, spend wisely, budget) the money you DO have! Want better relationships? SHOW you are loving in the relationships you DO Have; give love, give friendship, open your heart and mind. Want a bigger house? SHOW that you treat your current residence with respect and as though it IS already the home of your dreams!! Clear the clutter, keep it tidy, and keep up the repairs!

You see, when you give, you will get.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” ~Kahlil Gibran Lebanese Poet and Novelist

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To Your Success,

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      Thanks for stopping in. I see you attempted to post the same comment on multiple pages. Let’s keep this inspirational, not a site to load your website address. Thx so much.

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