{Blog Post} How Your FAILURES Are The Stepping Stone To Success in Life

I have failed many,many times in this life, and possibly, the previous life I’ve lived, if you believe in life reincarnated.
fringe benefits of failure
I have failed in small business ventures.
I have failed in romantic relationships.
I have failed in understanding others.
I have failed in realizing many of my dreams.
But … with each failure … I continued to push forward. To put those failures behind me, to briefly glance back to get a glimpse of what I did wrong and learn from them. And sometimes I learned quickly, and other times, I’m still learning.

I’ve gone through investment foreclosures and near divorce.
I’ve gone through utilities being turned off in the dead cold of winter with an infant and toddler.

And at the other side of each of those failures, here I am … still standing. Standing with kids who are in gifted classes, winning athletic medals, surrounded by kind and long lasting friendships, and able to participate in nearly every and any activity they want to because paying for those things doesn’t mean not paying for water or heat.

These failures were big to me. And they may even be big for you. For others, they would be a Godsend … small in comparison to what they’ve endured.

But it’s not how big your failures are compared to someone else’s but rather how you come out from those failures. How you become the Victor and not the Victim.

Below is J.K. Rowling. author of the Harry Potter Books, speaking at the 2008 Harvard Commencement, sharing about the Fringe Benefits of Failure. It’s incredible entertaining, memorable, and thought provoking. Watch it, then watch it many times afterwards. You will learn something new from it each time.

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To Your Success!

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