Do You Have the Darth Vader Complex?

Imagine being torn away, against your will from the one person you love, the only person you’ve ever known, the one person you know loves you as much as you love her… your mother.

The sadness filling you completely. A lump growing in your throat.

The fear swelling inside you; covering you like an overcast day.

Or the anger rising from deep within you. The burning sensation reaching to every part of you inside and out.

How long would you allow that sadness to dwell?

How long would you allow the anger to fester?

How long would you allow the fear to consume you?

The-Daily-Life-of-Darth-Vader-2-660x385If you know anything about Star Wars and, particularly Darth Vader, you’ll know that Darth, or Anakin, went to the Dark Side because he focused on his fear, his anger, his sadness from being taken from his mother. He wasn’t ‘torn’ away, per se, but he didn’t understand that the force was strong in him and that he could become THE ONE who would save the galaxy …. man was Obi Wan off base on that – he was a bit off track on how to see that through … that’s another story though…

Anakin allowed the anger he had to fester and build.

He allowed the fear to consume every part of him.

He allowed the sadness within him to dwell, to become a part of him . . . His focus on the negative caused his ultimate demise, downfall, and death. He rose up, thinking he would lead the Empire, become THE SITH LORD but oh how much he had to learn.

He lost his mother, his wife, his kids, and just as he finally began embracing the positive side, slowly dropping the dark side, he was met with his demise, triumphed by the positive energy of the light side. All too late to see the light.

This is a true metaphor for life as we know it.

Focus on fear, on the what-if-it-doesn’t, the can’t be, the won’t work, the not me, the too hard, the it’ll take too long, is too advanced, is too this or too that or not enough of something, and you will become the fortune teller to that which you focus on. The fear causes you to not focus on what to do right, and you fall. The what-ifs all happen just as you imagine because that is just where your brain and your actions will head to make it happen since they are the only things they know to go towards.

Your brain naturally finds ways to make happen anything you focus on – whether it’s answers to questions or solutions to problems, your brain is always working.

And then your actions make those solutions happen …. and if you focus on the negative; I never have enough money, I’m not qualified enough, it’s too scary, I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough information …. then that’s where you’ll always stay; broke, unskilled, uneducated, unhealthy ….

yoda-lukeThen there’s Luke.

Luke who knew no better than the positive and to embrace it.

Luke who never thought anything was too hard or too difficult or too impossible found that he was the Jedi few thought were real, that he could fix anything by putting his mind to it, that he could fly, fight, and face fear by simply focusing on doing right, focusing on his mentor, Old Ben, and on embracing the love he grew up surrounded by.

He allowed the positive to guide him.

THIS Is TRULY “The Force”, the positive energy we ALL have within us to guide us to be all we want. And it is ONLY each of us who can make this happen. It’s not the responsibility of our parents, teachers, bosses, managers, upline, coaches, neighbors, or anyone else to see to our success.

WE Hold the key to our own success.

I see this in my own life and those around me.

I’m an ultra positive person. Now, my husband seems to think this doesn’t really serve me as well as, I think, because we’re not ultra wealthy (yet) and we aren’t swimming in time and financial freedom (yet). BUT, I can move forward from ANYTHING, be it a small or huge setback. We’ve been in pre-foreclosure (twice), had major financial hardships, and experienced marriage problems. BUT, I’m not in depression, I’ve never wallowed in the hardships, and I’ve never allowed any setback to hold me back from my destiny. My mom says I’ve ALWAYS seen the silver lining in EVERYTHING, and I agree. There is just no reason to see anything less.

How would seeing life in any other way serve anyone? Some say, it’s ‘realistic’. Is it? Is it really realistic to see life from a perspective of ‘Whoa is me’ or ‘here are the pitfalls and let’s keep these Top of mind’ (know the pitfalls but don’t keep them TOP of mind or your focus)?

My husband, on the other hand, is a glass is half empty guy. He is super smart (maybe that’s the problem, I’m simple and he’s complex so I see things more simply? hmm…. a discussion for another day!) and he sees things from the ‘logical’ point of view and often dwells on what happened – the why things didn’t work out vs what did we learn from those things. And as a result, it just seems that things work out for me … I get more discounts when I ask, I get deals even when I don’t ask! I receive offers and help and gifts without asking. But these come from having served others. Serving with my positive energy, serving with a purpose of giving, serving from experience and love. And because of this positive energy, energy with little doubt that I can succeed, allows me to be open to what I want and to change direction as I feel my calling directs, I continue to stay on my path that I feel I am meant to walk.

This positive energy is one I pass on to my kids and it will serve them today, tomorrow, and in the far future. Can you imagine if Anakin’s mother had the opportunity to teach Anakin how to use his fear, anger, and sadness for good, how different his life would have been? Would Luke and Leia have grown up to be the even greater than they were destined? Hmm. . . we’ll never know.

What you think, what you say, what you do or don’t do will affect who you are today and  tomorrow, how others perceive you, and the energy you give AND attract. You CHOOSE all this. Obi Wan told Anakin he could choose to not allow fear to burden him. Anakin wouldn’t listen, and look where that took him?

So, will you choose the Dark Side or the Light Side?

Do you believe YOU Choose your destiny? Why or why not?

Comment below and share with me your thoughts on this.

May The Force Be With You,
(I’m Princess Leia and my hubs is Darth Mater!)
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  1. April 16, 2016    

    I loved reading your article Jenny. I am a positive person and will choose the light side. I believe we are how we think. I believe God is in control of our destiny but he also desires us to do something about it that will do good in our lives and others.

    • April 16, 2016    

      Thank you Jennifer! You are SUPER Positive and I LOVE This about you!!

  2. Toni Toni
    April 16, 2016    

    Thanks for the positive post, Jenny! I used to be much more of a positive person than I am now. You’re right–focusing on the negative can ruin your life. I’m going to commit to seeing the positive again, and see where that takes me! In the meantime, I think I need to check out your video about dealing with negative people.

    • April 18, 2016    

      Thanks for visiting Toni. I hope this and the video inspire your positive energy to come back 🙂

  3. April 17, 2016    

    Awesome article! I know my husband would love it too because he’s a huge star wars fan ;). Thanks for sharing

    • April 18, 2016    

      Thank you Jessica!! It would be an honor for Ray to read this as well 🙂

  4. April 18, 2016    

    Very cool article! And yes you are definitely one who grows towards the light. Always have been since, oh I won’t spill the beans on how long we have known each other 😉

  5. Loralee Loralee
    April 19, 2016    

    Loved the article, positivity is an amazin tool in todays day and age and that is something I strive for daily for me and my children. Keep up the great work Jenny, fantastic writing!!

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