Changes in Perspective Create Life Moments

Recently I celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary. I’ve been with my husband for over 19 years. Wedding-Rings

When we first met we were in college, having fun, and were completely carefree with few responsibilities. We knew then, that we wanted to be together, always. When we graduated college, we both moved, from NY to Boston. We both had good paying jobs and few bills. We bought a 2 bedroom condo together and with HOA fees, still only paid about $400 per month for the mortgage, insurance, taxes, and HOA.  With very little debt, going out, having fun, and traveling were what we did. It was a carefree life indeed. And we still knew we wanted to be together, always.

We were blessed with our first child a few years after we married. An angel of a baby in temperament and in her sweet face! It was not long before we were blessed again, and this time with a boy! Another angel in our lives! We now have 3 beautiful blessings … plus 3 dogs and at various points, frogs, fish, and I suspect, many others will grace us with their presence!

In these years we’ve had MANY UPs and MANY Downs ….Deciding to go the route of being our own bosses were met with many learning curves and financial stresses. We faced pre-foreclosure more than once and looked at bankruptcy papers too!

We have been through times of words that stung, tears that dropped, and feelings that hit deeper than we knew were possible.

We went through times of resentment, of anger, and of feeling beaten down; by life and each other.

In the beginning, anniversaries were of champagne dinners at fancy restaurants and nights out on the town showering each other with gifts.

This year it was different. The day started and ended with doing things for our Family, our kids and for us as we prepared for Halloween; making costumes, buying a few accessories, getting excited for our annual family theme; this year: Star Wars! Star Wars Halloween PicMake-up, costumes, almost everything homemade, except the light sabers!

At the end of a VERY busy day, I reflected on my anniversary. I woke to my husband hugging and kissing me, saying, “Happy Anniversary” with sleep dust still in my eyes. That was all for our moment of anniversary alone. The rest of the day was spent, in just the way we imagined our marriage, our family to be: together. We got married because our love of each other, our love of wanting to share with kids of our own, and our love of life. Our 12th anniversary was not of champagne or a fancy dinner or even coffee out, alone. It was spent just the way we imagined our lives would flow, doing things from love for those we love created from our love.

Years ago, I might have not seen the day as great a blessing. I might have been fraught with wanting a traditional anniversary day. The many moments hardship has changed my perspective, one that creates happier moments and sees the blessings that are here in front of me all the time.

“Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass. ”  Owen Feltham

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