Wake Up Your Brain! Change Your Mind – Liter...

Does it sometimes feel like your brain is moving slooooowly? Like fog has taken over? Hey, with 3 super active kids, I totally get ya! It’s GO GO GO all day along around here! Even on their school breaks! By the end of the day (and yes, sometimes all day!), my brain feels like it’s in a fog, cloudy and unfocused.

As I gear up for 2012, I am completely changing so many of habits, creating better habits to change what I attract and realize my dreams and goals. I’m setting action plans to set into motion what I want to happen. One thing I keep coming back to is, but HOW can I change my BRAIN?? I am who I am and need my BRAIN to actually change. To an extent, that old adage, ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” comes to mind and, well, while my brain isn’t “old”, per se … it does feel like it’s been a wee bit dormant…! So I started doing a little digging (online & off line – into my brain & computer hard drive!). Several years I had learned about brain waves and how music and sound can change how we think, how we feel, and how healthy our bodies are. As it turns out, as I was thinking about this, I got an email about just this!! I checked into it and music, the right music at the right frequencies for the desired effects can turn our brains ‘ON’.

I’ve just gotten back into turning “ON” my brain and WOW!! It’s LITERALLY Like putting in a new bulb where the old one was burnt out and just hanging there. I am listening to music for more compassion, music for more financial abundance, music for more energy, and music for improved health & immunity from sickness.  I listen to these at night where I can settle in, completely undisturbed, the frequencies can take effect throughout the night, and I wake feeling restored and ON! I’ve found I’m having better sleep too! BONUS!!

As I write my action plans, and these are BIG PLANS, for 2012, I KNEW that in order to create BIG CHANGES For these BIG PLANS I needed Big INTERNAL shifts. For me, it’s my brain; to get WAKE up and Get going!

Look up the most successful people on the planet and you will find that ONE of their common HABITS is to meditate and part of their meditation rituals includes music. Music creates certain brain waves to pulse, move, and take action which then stimulates action within your body and mind and spirit.Turn on Your Brain JennySung.com

Your brain frequencies is a key factor in your health; gaining or losing weight, heart disease, depression, diabetes, restoring health and more! It’s also important for creative outlets to allow our minds to visualize what want today and in the future as well as for creative activities such as writing, cooking, family time, drawing, and more.  In addition, it has been proven that understanding and tapping into your brain wave frequencies can change your habits. Powerful! I know!

I started brain wave entrainment because I had a lot of changes I wanted to make. One was focus – to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by thoughts, sounds, or the shiny metal object in the corner!! Another change was to bring out the compassion I have for my family. I was finding that the inability to focus was interfering with my ability to be as compassionate as I know I am; spending true quality time with each of my kids, listening to my husband – not just hearing him speak, and letting my heart lead a little more often than my logical brain! Since starting brain wave entrainment, tuning into the frequencies of my brain, I complete more of my to do list items quicker & more thoroughly, I have better focus & creativity in the activities that call for it, and my kids are happier about me spending time with them as though I have all the time in the world versus watching the clock for the next household chore to be done. There is still a lot to be done to really tap into what my brain is capable of but so far, the results have slowly been exactly what I hoped for!

There are several great sources for tapping into the proper brain frequencies for change.  There is one that is having a huge New Year sale, one that I personally use, and one that has a great reputation.  Check it out and tell me what you think: MindPower

Look, if you’re serious about changing the results you’ve had or want to simply improve upon them; earned 6 figures last year and now want 7, this can help. Can’t seem to lose those last few pounds? This can help. Seem to start smoking after 90 days? This can help. Can’t seem to break the habit of being on Facebook every hour? This can help!! Whether it’s breaking old habits, creating new habits, or getting more rest, changing your Mind is where it all starts!

I am currently learning to harness the vast powers of my mind to an Alpha and Delta states with focused traing and will tell you about it in the next 2 weeks. If you’re interested in that, come back here for details!

“Remember that YOU have the power to make the changes in your life that you want.  The ONLY one who will stop your abilities to make your dreams & visions become reality is YOU. If you haven’t had success in parts of your life, don’t continue doing the non-successful actions, do something new to wake your brain!” ~ JS Life Notes

Here’s a wonderful New Year for you!

Do you think this article will help you with Your New Year’s goals? Comment below to let me know.

To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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Love-Hate Relationships, Are they Worth It?

Today I started working towards my New Year’s 2012 Goals …. yes, you read that correctly, my New Year’s goals. I set some yesterday and thought, why wait to start? If I have these goals, let’s get started right away! I’ll be that much further ahead when the New Year starts and WAY ahead when 2012 ends!!

One of those goals is to gain 15 pounds in Lean Muscle. I put my resolution out in public on a Facebook app (www.ResolutionOrElse.com).  As I finished putting that in writing and out in public, I wrote down a few other goals for myself. As I looked at what I had written, being a person who just HAS to leap into action, I started thinking, “Imagine what could happen by starting sooner than later. Imagine where I could be later by starting now.”

JennySung.com start now clockSo, today I did my 1st day of working out towards gaining those 15 pounds of lean muscle. I took my before pictures. I did some research on what I need to eat to optimize my goals. And, finally, I did my first workout towards accomplishing my goal.

During the workout, I was hating nearly every rep after the first 5! I kept pushing though! I took breaks when I needed but only

when it was ABSOLUTELY necessary then I pushed on afterwards! Everytime I wanted to QUIT, I’d say, “NO EXCUSES!” Then I’d

do the next move.

That was this morning. That time of pain is so worth it! Once I was down with a post-workout drink and shower, my mind felt clearer,

my mood was lifted, and my pain was replaced with pleasure! The endorphins and adrenaline are flowing and have been proven to boost creative hormones in the brain, mood enhancers in the body, and energy lifts for the day.  Yes, the pain – the hate is worth the pleasure – the love I feel now!

If you have something you want to get done, why wait? Is the pain of getting it started, the fear of failure so great that it overshadows the pleasure of how you’ll feel from having accomplished what you set out to do?  Imagine, then, the worst of what can happen by NOT doing what you fear now. If THAT Pain is greater than the little pain you will go through now, then use THAT to motivate you to get started! For example, is the pain of getting up early to exercise overwhelming enough that you find reasons, excuses not to exercise? And I guess the pleasure of the being in a better mood from the endorphins, the ability to think more clearly & focused, the increased energy, the improved health in cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.  and the improved appearances are not enough to get you moving, right? Alright, so how does the idea of having heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inability to breathe, inability to walk, and dying early get you feeling? Because without some heart pumping exercise, those are just the things that can happen to you! What happen your finances? Unemployed but the pain of pounding the pavement, sending out resumes, and going to all those interviews just too painful to keep doing over and over and over? Does the pleasure of having potential financial freedom, food in your fridge, heat/ac in your home not provide the incentive to find that dream job or start that dream business? Alright, how does the idea of being homeless, with only the clothes on your back now, and begging for food sound to you?

JennySung.com love-hate-baby

Life is full of Love-Hate relationships. Get past the Hate so you can embrace the Love, it always follows!

“Life is like a coin. Pleasure and pain are the two sides. Only one side is visible at a time.

But remember other side is waiting for its turn.” Unknown quotes



Do you have love-hate relationships? Please leave a comment below to share.

To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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The World is Your Oyster

Recently I went to a bridal shower …. I haven’t done this in a while. Most of my friends have been married forever, yep, like me!  I had that sunami of weddings; one summer I had 4 in a row! Then came the baby showers! OH MY!! Next it’ll be the Over-The-Hill parties, then to retirement parties.  I’d like to think that somewhere between now and the funerals I know loom ahead we’ll have some serious fun again.

But …. I digress …

The bridal shower.  These days, baby and bridal showers are co-ed – yup – so the men go too! This one was excellent! It was hosted at my friend’s salon that is a convert from an old house so it’s got that cozy, homey feel! There were no silly bridal games, you know the ones, where all the bows go on a paper plate and the bride has to do some awkward dance with the plate tied to the top of her head? Yeah, none of that here. Just good ole fashioned socializing, catching up with the bride-to-be and meeting her husband to be.

JennySung.com world in oysterIn this catching up, I got to hear the story of their ‘chance’ encounter and got me to thinking.

You see, she was in Australia and, chance would have it, he was too … she lives in the U.S. and he lives in Canada, and he was wearing a Cornell University shirt. She saw the shirt, ran over to him (okay … it was MORE than the shirt that caused her to run ….) and struck up a conversation.

PRIMARY example of Opportunity Knocking and Opening the Door.

Can you believe that she found her husband to be in Australia? Half way across the world to find him and living just next door …. well … sorta, the U.S. and Canada ARE neighbors after all.

You never know when opportunity will present itself. It’s so important to keep your eyes wide, your ears alert, your heart open, and your ability to take action in prime shape!!

I see too often opportunities passed, open doors closed, and life changing decisions turned stale. How many time have you let these things happen to you? It’s almost a New Year and I encourage you to make changes TODAY! START the NEW YEAR a New YOU. Seize moments, make choices, and take decisive action! It is better to have made an attempt unsuccessfully than to not have made an attempt at all. It is better to know something didn’t work out than to wonder what if ….?

What is YOUR End of Year Resolutions?

“Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now. ” ~ Jonatan Martensson
JennySung.com baby-steps








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To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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What I learned from shopping

YES! I admit it!! I went out on this tortuous day JUST to see what it is like!!

If you don’t know what Black Friday is, it is, supposedly, the biggest shopping day of the year, in the U.S.; the day after Thanksgiving (now starting at 9 or 10pm on Thanksgiving!) with deeply discounted deals!

Let me tell you, it’s an experience!

If I were still in college, going out when the stores open (midnight in many cases) wouldn’t have been a problem since I’d still be up and, well, probably partying! However, now that I’m a Mom of 3 small children, it’s rare for me to see midnight, unless it’s for a child who can’t sleep!! (nope, not even New Year’s Eve keeps me up til midnight anymore!!)

I headed out at 10am on Black Friday …. of course most of the shelves are empty and the shoppers are INSANE! Lines AROUND the stores! Shopping carts FILLED, even under the carriage! Seriously, do you REALLY need ALL THAT??  I just don’t get it ….

JennySung.com black-friday target lineAnyway, I DID manage to get a few things … and then some …! Things that were on my list throughout the year and things on the list just recently … I saved a bit but not sure that I saved enough to have spent 1/2 a day out waiting in lines and driving in traffic. Would I do it again? Most likely no. Am I glad I did it? Totally…. Life is about experiences! Not just the experience of the shopping on the most chaotic day of the year but of feeling the emotions and the atmosphere surrounding you.

You learn a LOT about patience, about dealing with disappointment and about restraint! The lines, even when they’re not long seem to take forever. Some of the deals you wanted have been long sold out and the temptation to buy all the other, available, great deals takes more self control than you can imagine!  You learn a lot about whether you can really stick to your budget!

When you are determined to do right for you and your family, then you’ll make the right things happen! Your thoughts will become your words which will become your actions that turn into habits. Know yourself and believe in your capabilities.

“There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self. “~ Benjamin Franklin

JennySung.com Ben Franklin Know Ones Self

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To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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Being Grateful and Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving.

My kids have been ‘schooling’ me about the 1st Thanksgiving, you know, when the Pilgrims sailed the ocean blue in … wait, that was Columbus ….
Anyway … they’ve been reminding me about my history lessons; the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, Squanto …. the whole thing! It’s been quite enlightening and fun to listen to what they learn in school, and so YOUNG! They are only 5 and 7 years old and are learning more than I had by the time I was 10!

JennySung.com thanksgiving-pals dog and catI am so thankful for such bright children and thankful that I have the capacity to appreciate their health and well-being.

The past few years have been filled with a lot of hardships in my family. We’ve had times where we were scraping pennies for groceries and gas for the car to deposit the few dollars we could scrape up to get a money order to get our utilities put back on!  I’ve been paid off from downsized corporations, my husband has had dry spells in his business when we weren’t sure when we’d have income rolling back in …. it taught us a lot about budgeting and growing where we were planted; using what we had to grow as a family in spirit and income.

We are so thankful for so much in our lives, the good things and the hardships.

We are all healthy; 3 children who have rarely been sick and certainly nothing serious.
While we have ailments, none keep us from moving forward to make a better life for all of us.

We have eachother – our love is strong and our faith is larger than life.

We have a roof over our heads, food filling our bellies, and family & friends who support us.

We spend every Thanksgiving together, reminding each other what it means to be where we are, together.

I hope you always remember the blessings that are bestowed upon you every day and give thanks for them.
Tell your loved ones you love them and thank everyone for all you have.

“I may not be where I want to be but I’m thankful for not being where I use to be.”

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To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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Ten Apples Up On Top

One of tonight’s stories to my kids was Ten Apples Up On Top. It’s one we’ve read at least 30 maybe 40 or possibly more times by now. My kids know it by heart … and they proved that tonight as I inserted my own silly lines, rhymed right along with the story but never-the-less, they caught every goofy line I came up with!! The best part is that they giggled at every one!

JennySung.com Ten Apples Up On TopYou see, even though they know what to expect, they have fun with the unexpected and flow with it … there is so much we can learn from this.

Life is full of the unexpected and the best thing to do is Go With The Flow.

This is a mindset of not letting things rattle you, keeping your composure, to see that there can be more than what you always see, hear, smell, touch, feel, or think you know. The sky is not always blue; sometimes gray or blue and white, or black as night. The grass is not always green and certainly not necessarily on the other side …

Flow is going where life goes and bending, turning, curving without effort or resistance.

So be a little silly and see where it takes you.

“Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish; but wish the things which happen to be as they are, and you will have a tranquil flow of life” Epictetus

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To Your Success,

Jenny Sung

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P.S. By the way, we’ve decided to see how many apples the kids can get to stay on their heads …. pictures to follow and maybe video….!

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