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Is Your GOOD Life Trapping You From Greatness? “Silhouette Family” by arztsamui

Have you allowed your GOOD LIFE to trap you from becoming GREAT? Or maybe you’re in a place where you don’t know if you COULD become great? Well, this post briefly shows you how to get out of becoming trapped and share YOUR Greatness!

How Legos Make Me Happy & Gives Life Persp...

How Legos Make Me Happy & Gives Life Perspective ….? (& Motivation?)

Do you play with Legos? Have you built cities, towns, battles, & story lines that can only happen from an imagination? My kids have Legos and before them, I never played with Legos. Before kids, I didn’t do a lot of what I do now and, you know what? I’m a better person because of […]

Personal Development Motivation


Stuck in a rut but want to reach some personal goals? This article will help you get motivated to get more done, sooner!

A Cold & Nippy Day; A Perfect Day for Goal...

Pooh Blustery Day for Goal Setting Tips & Personal Development Planning

A cold and blustery day … a perfect set up for a day of mind-blowing, fire induced floating to Nirvana … sort-of.

Bruce Lee: Personal Development Plan

JennySung.comPersonal Development Plan & Goal Setting Tips w Zig Ziglar

Everyday is a good day to get centered, get some inspiration, and take a look at your Personal Development Plan. Here is a simple post & video to help inspire you today.

Deepak Chopra & Lawrence Tam Teach Abundan...

Deepak Chopra & Lawrence Tam Teach Abundance & How to Work at Home?

Deepak Chopra & Lawrence Tam Teach Abundance & How to Work at Home?

Maybe the Most Inspirational Video Ever


Yes, this might be the most inspirational video ever …. less than 3 mins and it could change your life

How to FREE Your Mind of the Clutter!

Decluttered Mind Businesswoman yoga

Nearly the end of the 1st month of the (Western calendar) New Year! I still cannot believe how FAST time truly seems to fly! One challenge I had last year and in years past was the endless Clutter in my head! It seemed like there was SO much floating around up there and then looking […]

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