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[Oprah] [Deepak Chopra] Overcoming Negative Ene...

Overcoming Negative Energy

Is your best friend a Debbie Downer?
Or maybe your co-worker is a Donald Downer?
Do you want to learn to use Wonder Woman like bangles to ricochet that negative energy away from you and lasso in positive energy? This short post tells you HOW to overcome the Debbie Downers of the world.

The 10 Principles to The Power of Setting Inten... intention

Are struggling to reach the goals you have? Finish certain tasks? Earn a certain income? Find the right partner? Lose those pounds once and for all? Learn about setting intention to help you.

How the Power of Words Can Change Your Life

How the Power of Words can Change your life

Are you using the right words to have the life you want? How can the Power of Words really change your life, starting today?

Believe In Yourself; 4 Steps to Overcoming Limi...

limiting beliefs mind can believe Hill

What’s stopping you from succeeding? Be it relationships, career, business, a parent … what? How can you overcome this and finally succeed?

[Oprah] The Science of Generosity How to Inspir...


The best of human nature—generosity, compassion, cooperation, selflessness—surfaced in these studies. Of course, the goal is to draw out a person’s good side, not exploit it. Use your powers wisely.
By Jena Pincott

Name This Superhero Day 1

Name This Superhero Day 1

Yep – my son is in costume EVERYDAY! Let’s start Naming his superhero of the day character! Let’s start with day 1:

Fat Tire

Fat Tire

Tonight’s Great Mood is brought to you by (thought Fat Tire meant something else, didn’t ya?!!)

Internet Marketing Tips That Can Work For You!

Internet Marketing tips

Want to learn how to be a better internet marketer? Find out how now.

17 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy_Fathers_Day-Gift Ideas

Need ideas for Father’s Day that’s approaching? These are timeless gift ideas that can be referenced year after year! Bookmark this article to check it out this year and next and next and next…

The 90 Day Challenge: What Is It & Is It R...


The 90 Day Challenge – What is it and is it for YOU? What is The 90 Day Challenge? So if you’re on social media; Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, you’ve likely heard the buzz about The 90 Day Challenge. And if you have ANY curiosity in you, you’re wondering, WHAT IS IT and What’s ALLLLLL […]

Blondie is the Only One Saying, “Call Me&...

Network Marketing: Only Blondie Says CallMe

Are you in network marketing and making a LOT of Calls? And, worst, getting Nowhere from it except wasting time? Are you calling your friends, past co-workers, neighbors, 2nd cousins …? Hey, unless you one of those people is Blondie, then I doubt they’re saying, “CALL ME” … in fact, truth be told, they are […]

What a Couple of Swingers Taught Me This Weeken...

What a Couple of Swingers Taught Me: Personal Inspiration

What I learned this weekend from a couple of swingers and how it can help you, personally & in business ….

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