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Can THIS Messenger Change Your Life?

The Way To The Messenger

Millionaire MessengerAs many of you know, I read, a lot. I don’t read much of the fiction books that top the charts but rather self help, self improvement, and self growth books that help me to improve me so I can be better for myself, for my family, for my friends,  for the people I work with, and for YOU, who I may not know yet but know I will soon.

I read books from so many authors and some more favored than others.  One of the books I am reading right now is called The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard (You Can get more information on Amazon here: click now; a new window will open) I actually got this book about a year, maybe longer ago. I started reading it but never quite got past the first 20 pages (anyone else like this… you end up a few pages into 3, 4, 5 different books?!). Not because it wasn’t interesting, I simply got busy with the rest of life and it got buried under other books. I’m notorious for losing my attention span so if I see another book of interest, BAM! I start reading it!! It’s only the past 6 months since I changed that habit and actually have a greater purpose in what I read and how I read (a topic for another discussion; if you’re interested, be sure to comment below to remind me!). Aaaahhh … what a relief to have tamed my reading attention deficit disorder.

Okay … so anyway, back to The Millionaire Messenger. First, it’s important that, if you don’t know who Brendan Burchard is, for you to have a bit of a back story. In a nut shell, he grew up poor, was poor as an adult, got into a horrific car accident, realized he was saved to become a messenger by providing inspiration and value using his near death experience as a catalyst to this, and fast forward to today where that life purpose has turned into a multiple multi-million dollar empire. (want the not so fast version? Go to his website at

How To Find Your Message

So, now you have an idea of Who Brendon is and now a little about the book. The book gives you in a remarkably organized way, the steps so YOU Can Become a messenger of Your purpose – to share your passion or passions. I bet You Can Imagine how life changing it will be to be able to share your passions in a way that not only creates value in other people’s lives but to also create an income in your own life and even an income you can share with others.

I’ve always struggled with this … my life’s purpose or passion or authentic self … I did an exercise where I listed all the things I’m good at – not just hobbies, activities, or skills but personality-wise. I found I’m a born optimist to an extent unlike anyone else I know, I’m great online (my kids AND husband have me “Google” things because they are convinced the internet just doesn’t work as well for them!!), and I’m great at telling stories – not lies mind you but relaying information in a story-telling method …. this sometimes means people get more information than they anticipated; WHOOPS! Sorry!! 🙂

An important part of this exercise to “find” myself was to think back at who I’ve always been … not just recently … not just as a wife or a mom or a daughter or a friend but who I was born as … I’ve always seen the silver lining, I’ve always loved to research (it’s like mini-challenges for me!), and I’ve always loved to tell the juicy details leading up to the climax of ending of a story, embellishing with dynamically descriptive words and sounds and animation! So, do the exercise yourself to find Your message to share with the world.

Finally! Revealed:

The Messenger Who Can Change Your Life!

In every aspect of life, it is YOU who determines Your own outcome.

If something goes wrong, it is how you react that will determine your mindset for going forward. It is how you decide to move forward or not that will determine the path you will journey along. It is not the challenges, obstacles, and events around you that determine your circumstances but rather you. And so, You Are The Messenger who can change your life…. YOU are the catalyst to creating the life of your dreams … the dreams into reality … turn those Pinterest photos to real life adventures, lifestyle, and memories. Take the experiences you’ve had to create messages to help others.  Take the dreams you dream to create messages to help others. Take what you have now, to help yourself and others get to where they want. It is in serving others that you will find great glory and peace and ultimately a source of financial peace that you’ve been searching for.

My Message For You

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