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Attraction Marketing’s Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Attraction Marketing’s Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Attraction Marketing’s Missing Piece of the Puzzle – FOUND!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spend years searching for HOW to attract MORE business to YOU rather than chasing it down with ads, calls, and the like.

I’ve spent hundreds, maybe, thousands of dollars LOOKING for that missing piece of the puzzle to attract leads that wanted to buy my products or be a part of my team. Instead, I just have a hard drive loaded with slowly getting dusty ebooks and programs that gave me bits and pieces in hours upon hours upon hours of reading and/or video. But nothing just told it to me without the fluff. Nothing told it to me without 8 hours of testimonials or credibility …. honestly, I don’t NEED that much PROOF … like a detective, I just wanted the facts.

Attraction Marketing Manifestor Missing Puzzle Piece

Attraction Marketing's Missing Puzzle Piece FOUND!

Fast forward to a day when I was STILL searching and, after getting MORE information, and yet, another ebook that I ‘hoped’ would be that piece I was missing, but deep inside was a bit skeptical … I read EVERY Page voraciously! I ate up every word with understanding, excitement, and FINALLY the feeling that I had the ability to ACTUALLY take ACTION! THEN, I did something I’d never done before, I re-read the entire ebook to make sure I fully understood it all and hadn’t missed a concept, key idea, or anything. It was like that proverbial light bulb going off in the ROOM and lighting up my life like I had never experienced!!

After beginning to take action, I was seeing results!! I was building a list within, get this, 1 MINUTE from taking my information LIVE online! I know that’s pretty unheard of, and honestly, that was pretty lucky! BUT, the more action I took, the more results I got! I began building that list everyone tells you is needed but you have no idea how! I began ATTRACTING people Interested in what I had to offer and the type of people interested in my opportunities!! Best of all …. this was beginning to convert into DOLLARS! Yes, only a little at first but that LITTLE is what were the first coals to begin putting this locomotion into action to gather steam!

Now, I’m giving away this information for you to have! WHY??? Because paying it forward is ESSENTIAL in this business of online (and offline) marketing. Give, give, give and be ready to receive when the time is right!


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Warm Wishes for YOUR Success,

Jenny Sung

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