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Give to Get

Give to Get

This past week I read a wonderful post from a friend of mine about something I learned years ago and loved the reminder. Envy is usually based on a sense of unfairness (example: why them, not me!). Cure? STOP looking at “them” and focus on “you” and one day “you” will be “them”. ~Victor Antonio […]

Ten Apples Up On Top Ten Apples Up On Top

Life goes fast and is full of unexpected moments. Find out how my kids teach YOU to go with the flow in life with Ten Apples Up On Top …

A Positive Impact from a Negative Situation integrity Chinese Symbol

Parenthood …. filled with moments of pride as your kids reach new milestones, show integrity, get awesome grades, and learn to experience all life has to offer. With parenting, comes teaching character building; relationship building, integrity, honesty, modesty, respect for self as well as others, and so much more. At times, this parenting spills over […]

Changes in Perspective Create Life Moments Wedding-Rings

Find out how my hardships turned my traditional anniversary into one, not so traditional and why it’s been the best one yet. Perspective anew can change your life for greater abundance.

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