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Getting past this ONE thing will make you BEAT ...

Beat out your competition

Want to know how to beat out your competition? Get past this ONE thing and you’re half way there! Find out what this simple thing is in this blog post.

A 2 ½ inch domino can topple the Leaning Tower ...


How is it a possible for a 2 1/2 inch domino to topple a building the size of the Leaning Tower of Pizza and WHAT does it have to do with you business? More importantly, HOW can knowing this HELP Your business? This blog post reveals all these answers and MORE!!

How to Get Free Content for YouTube and Free Co...

No More Writer's Block

Today’s video is How to Get Free Content for YouTube and Free Content for Blogs and never run out! NEVER Have writer’s or video shooter’s block again with these resources, some that may be new to you.

Are You Marketing with These Top 7 Social Media...

Are You Marketing with These Top 7 Social Media Trends? (including Social Media Sites)

Do you get Sucked in to Facebook? Liking posts, commenting on controversial topics, or just scrolling down the ‘news’ feed to ‘see’ what everyone else in Facebook land is doing? Or maybe you like the micro posts from Twitter, coasting down the barrage of Tweets that refresh every few seconds? Me? I like to peruse […]

How Legos Make Me Happy & Gives Life Persp...

How Legos Make Me Happy & Gives Life Perspective ….? (& Motivation?)

Do you play with Legos? Have you built cities, towns, battles, & story lines that can only happen from an imagination? My kids have Legos and before them, I never played with Legos. Before kids, I didn’t do a lot of what I do now and, you know what? I’m a better person because of […]

Can THIS Messenger Change Your Life?

Can THIS Messenger Change Your Life?

The Way To The Messenger As many of you know, I read, a lot. I don’t read much of the fiction books that top the charts but rather self help, self improvement, and self growth books that help me to improve me so I can be better for myself, for my family, for my friends,  […]

Make time for Golf Balls & Beer

Make time for Golf Balls & Beer

Do you make time for golf balls and beer? There is ALWAYS time for both and I’ll show you how in this (inspirational) story!

The 6 Things I Stole from a CEO

6 things I stole from a CEO

GASP! Can you IMAGINE that I would steal anything? I was TOLD to! REALLY!! Find out what 6 things I stole & you’ll want to also!

Keep Your Face to the Sunshine & You Canno...

Sunshine quote by Helen Keller Inspirational Quote

Believe, Imagine, Inspire.

Imagine Believe Rocks

Just a quick note of inspiration today 🙂                                             Happy Day! Warm days ahead, P.S. If you BELIEVE, Can Imagine & want to Achieve, register here now for the Free video to help […]

Faith, Trust, & . . . .

faith rocks

How do YOU react in situations that are negative? This post tells of my own recent response to a negative action towards me. How would YOU have reacted?

[Intent] 7 Ways This ONE Thing Can Transform Yo...

7 Ways Meditation Can Transforn Your Life

Dealing with life’s ups and downs can be overwhelming. Our thoughts tend to dwell on the now or the past. Learn to clear your mind to the path you wish to walk. Learn the 7 Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Life in this article complete with full & self guided meditation videos.