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Are You Marketing with These Top 7 Social Media Trends? (including Social Media Sites)

Top 7  Social media trends for 2014Do you get Sucked in to Facebook? Liking posts, commenting on controversial topics, or just scrolling down the ‘news’ feed to ‘see’ what everyone else in Facebook land is doing?

Or maybe you like the micro posts from Twitter, coasting down the barrage of Tweets that refresh every few seconds?

Me? I like to peruse Pinterest and once in a while Instagram as well as Google+; I’m a visual person so I like to SEE pictures and inspirational quotes nicely boxed in pretty bordered squares and pretty sunsets.

If you’re marketing online, it can be confusing, time consuming, and a waste of efforts if you don’t have a strategy as well as understanding of trends when using Social Media to get the biggest bang from your time, efforts, and, if applicable, money.

Forbes Social Media Trends Prediction

Forbes recently put out a 2014 prediction of trends to be aware of and why in Social Media … I’ve read their 7 Top Social Media Trends and I Mostly agree with their forecast … of course I can do that, now that we’re about half way through 2014.

You will be surprised to know some of the top trends, which includes a trend that isn’t a site, app, or tool and one site that you may have thought was as extinct as the dinosaurs.

Before getting into Forbes’ prediction, take a few moments to think about your own predictions.
What do your social media trends say would need to top a business’s marketing strategy? Write down your own thoughts on this to see how many of the following 7 you match up with Forbes.

The Social Media Trends Count UP

I’m going to start from #7, not so much to build up suspense … I mean, could there REALLY be success in this topic? Let’s be real! But because I think #1 is one NONE of you will have thought of … it’s SO out of the box of what 99% of us will think of that I think it’s best left to the end!
Okay …

#7 LinkedIn Will Become a Major Player for B2B Business Growth

If you aren’t in the LinkedIn space, get over there Tout Suite (that means right away!!). Known mostly as a professionals building medium, there are loads of communities you can join, a way to market your page & personal profiles, and post your valuable content. I just watched a video of a major internet marketer, who, after ONE MONTH on LinkedIn, had, from his FIRST video post, nearly 1700 Likes, SEVENTEEN HUNDRED! After one month he has over 9,000 people following his page! If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re truly missing a piece of the social media puzzle. (hey! LI has 238 Million users – PLENTY of growth space here!)

#6 This one Will SHOCK YOU! (at least it did me!) MySpace, Love it or Hate it, Will Grow

Seriously, if you have an active My Space account, please raise your hand! If you do, guess what, you’re an inch ahead of the rest of us.
I personally don’t agree that this will really be a ‘trend’. Why? Because what happened to MySpace really went down a black hole that too many users don’t want to go back down now that their out. I personally don’t feel you’re really losing out if you miss marketing in this medium. Forbes thinks differently. Do what you feel is best…

#5 I’ve never really “Gotten” this concept and don’t really see how it can help with marketing and Forbes agrees, Foursquare Will Decline Sharply

Not sure really WHY an app that just “Checks In” is really worth it … and well … I guess others think this too. I don’t have a 4Square account … I suppose it’s not necessary.

#4. I ABSOLUTELY Agree with this!! This is a GREAT way to attention deficit friends & market a Snipit, a sneak peak, a preview of what we have to offer: We’ll Witness the Rise of Micro-Video

Vine is just one micro video that is popular. Trust me, you’ll see more, even if it’s just something you post on your own site!! (hmmm …. that’s a great idea!! 😉 )

#3. I am a VERY Visual person (many men are and some women). I’ve noticed on social media that THOSE posts with a Picture or EVEN just the words inside a pretty frame creates more shares, comments, & likes. People are visual by nature. This brings me to: Image-Centric Networks Will See Huge Success

Is there anything more to say on this?

 #2 If you & I are friends on Facebook, then you have seen me elude to this medium. In a few months I have over 181,000 views to my posts, over 8,100 followers, and the numbers of shares & comments surpass Facebook where I have been on it for Years! I’m talking about Google+, and it will become a growing Major player in social media.

Facebook leads with the current number of users but the fact that Google owns gMail that can point users to G+, Google search engines, & YouTube, you’ll see growth hit exponential increase in users in no time at all; G+ & YouTube users along with gMail outrank FB. G+ has fewer slaps than Facebook that blocks you for sharing or liking too much … FB doesn’t want users to be TOO social ….

The #1 Social Media Trend Is …..

The NECESSITY of Businesses to INVEST in Social Media. Right, it’s not USING a particular medium but rather investing time & money into having a presence on social media that will become the greatest trend this year. There are still of offline companies that have yet to figure out how to capture the attention of their online consumers but if they don’t invest in understanding the behaviors that will lead to more attention, then they will quickly get left behind while competitors happily take market share.

Are you a Social Media Maven?

So? How did you do in predicting the trends Forbes magazine posted? Did your list come close to theirs?
Tell me how many of these trends you are currently using, plan to implement, and don’t plan to implement.

Comment below to share with me your answers.

Then see how social savvy your friends are by sharing this article with them by clicking a SHARE picture below.

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TODAY’S Quote of the Day:  I follow Sean & he has really great tweets!!

Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence” ~Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight on Twitter)

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