A Cold & Nippy Day; A Perfect Day for Goal Setting Part 1 of Personal Development Plans & Goal Setting Tips

Pooh Blustery Day for Goal Setting Tips & Personal Development PlanningIt was a cold and blustery day ….

So would say Pooh on this day I trekked out before the sun even considered showing its bright smile on my little side of the world. The only thing keeping me warm was my heated car and piping White Belgium macadamia nut coffee – double dose, thank you! The wind whistled as I drove from my small rented house in the suburbs to downtown Atlanta for, what I hoped to be a day that would forever change my mind, my financial state, and my dreams to reality.

Parking was, well … like parking is in any busy city, downtown … as fun as walking through a patch of thorny vines to get to the rose peeking out behind them – hopefully worth the pain!

When I finally got inside of Philips Arena, the smell of hours old coffee, Krispy Kreme donuts, and wind on everyone’s cheeks filled the air. The buzz of excitement was like bees busily making honey … Pooh would have been misleadingly excited about it!

My First Time ….

was this day. First time attending an actual Personal Development event, in person. Everyone was smiling, even as early as it was … everyone was EXCITED to be there … a warmth grew quickly inside me and I knew it wasn’t my coffee … that had vanished before I finally found a parking spot and trekked to my seat in this arena packed with thousands of eager, open minds!

It is an electrifying experience to be surrounded by people who thirst for the same quench as you. A smile happens inside that you didn’t know could happen. A feeling that where you are is exactly the right place lights a fire that can set you floating like the fire in a hot air balloon . . . it’s quite peaceful and creates a hunger to insatiably devour more of what drives you!

 I Got to See Him and YOU didn’t … Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

WHO?? Who else, but Zig Ziglar!

zig-ziglar-Achieve It

Who is Zig Ziglar?

Okay – I’ll attempt to not judge you for even asking this question – maybe you’re new to the Personal development arena – if so – Congrats on stepping into a life of wonderful changes in your mind and, hopefully, your life!

Personal development has the ability to change your state of mind and in turn change your relationships for the better, your financial situation for the better, and your health, for the better – if you take consistent, right, positive actions based on a positive state of mind that can move you to those places!

Alright – back to answering the question You asked ….

One of the most influential motivational and inspirational speakers of our time, is Zig Ziglar. His story is worth knowing and his teachings are worth learning over and over on a regular basis.

If you don’t know much about him, you’ll get a fantastic introduction here today.

Sadly, if you have not had the honor of seeing him live, in person (as I have!!), while you can still benefit from him for your Personal Development Plans & get Goal Setting Tips, he passed away, this week on November 28 at the ripe age of 86, so you won’t have any opportunities to meet him or see in any inspirational events.

Zig Ziglar’s Goal Setting Tips

Following is a short, part 1 of 3 videos from Zig Ziglar on Goal Setting. A perfect series to watch as we approach the New Year!

Let’s Link Our Journeys

From that day, years ago, before caring for dogs and kids and being married, I learned how important it is to keep a positive state of mind. How exhilarating it is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. I’ve gone to other events since, but definitely not enough. My goal is to go to at least 3 a year – I will document my experiences & hope you will document yours with me!

What Did You Learn from Zig Ziglar?

Personal development is soooo important for maintaining sanity in this crazy world! It is an ongoing process as your life moves forward and you want to keep up with it, this is the one constant that must be performed!! One step to reaching your personal development & life goals, is, well, to set goals! What did you learn from the video??
Share your thoughts in the comments below. Then be sure to Share this post with your friends by clicking a Share button because when you help others, help will come to you!

Rock On With Your Success!
Jenny Sung

JennySung.comPersonal Development Plan & Goal Setting Tips w Zig Ziglar






P.S. Want to share your passions, experiences – positive & not so positive with others? It’s easy – Release Your Inner BadA$$ like I did! Go here to learn how!

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