First, thank you for taking time to stop here to visit this site by a working mom for working parents who want to go from working for someone else to working for Yourself.

I share with YOU the tools, resources, mindset, and people who can help reduce the time spent learning and time spent ‘doing’ to build the empire you dream of, small or gigantic!

If you’ve struggled with the quantity and quality of time for work and time for my family, then this is for you. Having enough money and having enough time. You’re NOT Alone! This site is about how to help you achieve the Lifestyle you want – one of more peace, even with kids talking to you at once, more money, even when the household costs are going up, and have more time, even when you seem to have less, by having access to tools, resources, mindset, and ideas to help reduce┬áthe stress it can take to build a home based business.

This site is getting a facelilft (couldn’t we all?!), so please visit back often as I create value to share with you. I welcome your comments, insight, vents, and insight. Thanks for starting this new journey with me …

Meanwhile … a little bit about me:
I love to workout.
I love movies and all stuff entertainment.
I love photography (although I’m not great, yet!).
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Food and cooking and baking.
I love cooking and baking shows.
I love to explore new places but don’t like the traveling part to get there.
I could eat sushi EVERY DAY!
I love spring and fall, not crazy about winter or summer.
I love to be near the water but not so much in the water unless I’m SCUBA Diving.
I love to hug and be hugged – real hugs – not those barely touching you hugs.
I love kids who are curious about the world so they can be the best version of themselves and frown at kids who are clueless (parent-up parents!).
I love Halloween and dressing up!
I love to have theme parties.
I love to host parties (though I don’t seem to do them as often as I’d like).
I love seeing random acts of kindness and strive to do more all the time.
I like milk chocolate and can’t stand dark chocolate.
I can eat fruits and vegetables all day long (yes, alongside sushi would be perfect!).
I have weird superpowers – I have a 100% accuracy on being able to tell if a woman is pregnant with a boy or a girl, I can put actor/actresses names to faces and shows/movies like some freak, and I can remember minute details of things from years ago while forgetting what you told me 30 seconds ago.

Here is a short video I made for you:

I’d love to hear about you.

Jenny Sung

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