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The 6 Things I Stole from a CEO

6 things I stole from a CEOGASP!

Can you IMAGINE?

A wholesome (okay … maybe wholesome is stretching it) mom of 3, a Donna Reed/Martha Stewartesque wife (stop laughing) just stole 6 things and I want to pass them on to you!

Don’t worry, you won’t be arrested for aiding and abetting or taking stolen goods … I guess technically I didn’t Steal, per se, these things.

Recently I was on Yes, I was trolling for good info, content, whatever… Anyway, as I was browsing the titles, I noticed one that caught my attention. See, I’m in the process of re-branding (the site you’re on in case you didn’t know) and open to ideas to better how I market, how I use my time, etc. This article is titled 6 CEO Productivity Tips to Steal For Yourself See? They TOLD me to steal this! You can link to the article (see the title I posted and click on it) or you can get a synopsis here:

My favorite is #1. I learned this from a book I read called The Power of Full Engagement. One of the ideas in this book is that the human brain is able to focus for a MAXIMUM of 90 minutes at a stretch before it begins to lose focus. I’ve taken this to heart and practiced this since reading the book 10 years ago.
1. Take Breaks Every 90 Minutes.  When you DO take a break, whether for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, be sure to fully DISengage. The MOST successful on this planet use this SIMPLE disengagement tool to be able to focus better. Try it. You’ll notice a huge difference in your focusing power.

As a mom of 3 AND a full time Controller, this next one is a VERY challenging one .. the last word is KEY!

2.  Make Yourself UNinterruptible sometimes.  Closing doors, waiting until the place is quiet (ie: kids are in bed), turning off phones & social media are all ways you can make this happen – even for 30-45 minute intervals. This goes back to #1 and can help in your ability to focus!

Number 3 is SO important. As a full time employee and mom and blogger, this is super critical for me and I bet for many of you!
3. Manage your Energy, not just your time.  I still haven’t quite figured out the art of this yet … if you have, please holler at me in the comments section.

GUILTY on this next one!! I have wrist marks to prove it!
4. Don’t be a slave to email. During the week this thing Rules me. I’m learning to check this only a few times a day. With smart phones today it’s so easy to check more often and at an office j-o-b it’s incredibly easy. Find a way OUT! Unshackle those chains!

I know a few people who have mastered #5 … not the 2nd part but definitely the first … frustratingly so! So, keep in mind to be courteous too!

5. Keep your emails Short AND SWEET.  Courtesy goes a long way and by keeping emails short, you’ll save yourself and your recipient time, something you’ll both be thankful for.

I am getting better and better at this last one … be it at work or at home and now learning how to outsource as an online marketer so I can do more in the same amount of time!

6. Delegate, delegate, delegate. ’nuff said.

The Final Steps

Did you learn something from this post you will apply to your own life? Comment below to let me know!

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Encourage, Empower, & Entertain,
Jenny Sung

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