3 Steps to: How to Succeed in Network Marketing Fast

I was a network marketing failure. prospecting in network marketing

In fact, 95% of network marketers fail.
Of these, most don’t make it past their first year.
The statistics for failed network marketing businesses is astounding.
Are YOU going to be one of the 95% or the 5%?

If you learn how to actually do the marketing part of network marketing, your odds of success increase exponentially, putting you in the Elite 5%.

I have failed many network marketing companies.
I started like gangbusters at first with every single one … even getting on leader boards. Then … after my warm market was fizzled out … so did my success.
I just didn’t know what to do to keep up the business.
My list of 200 was exhausted.
I Placed flyers all over town and sometimes got reprimanded (no fun). Eventually I was just tired of putting up all these flyers with so little results …. and in most cases, couldn’t track where someone found out about me.
Nothing I did created leverage and I had to keep working – calling, emailing, pounding the pavement. Always starting over. And the ones who inquired but weren’t interested? I had no way of getting in touch with them again and worst, no way to build trust to buy in the future.
I was tired of it. I was frustrated. I felt like a loser and couldn’t understand how the leaders got to where they were.

Sound familiar?

I had uplines who kept me to make new lists. Seriously? How was that supposed to happen?
When I got on social media, I was then told to share success stories and people would come. Again, this worked great for the immediate, short term. This was not a long term plan but I didn’t know any better … and frankly neither did my upline.

Then I learned about giving value that others wanted and how to share that value so others were coming to Me … wait … no chasing? No calling? No messages or flyers or talking to strangers? What a relief!!prospecting in network marketing

This “giving value” was called Attraction Marketing …. I liked it, no, I LOVED it!! I learned this a few years ago when I was actually between network marketing companies. I was actually doing it as a fitness blogger and didn’t have any clue that I could take what I sharing and begin to leverage it and monetize it for income. MIND BLOWN!!

Today, I know how to actually attract prospects to my affiliate and network marketing businesses. I’ve learned how to earn money even if someone doesn’t join my network marketing opportunity! Yes – OMG! I’ve learned how to build a list of strangers who come to me, thirsty for my information and many, ready and excited to Buy from me. What??

Learning how to give value is easy.
Sharing value, again, easy.
When you give more than you want in return, you will see the gifts of abundance chasing you! It took me a while to realize that by giving, I was helping others and by helping others, I was receiving the gifts of giving true value. When you give from your heart and passion, don’t worry, the finances will follow.

So how can You give value?
I started with a blog. It’s inexpensive and easy to do any time of the day. You can even type notes into your phone on lunch break and then write it into your website after work.
You could create videos and post them to YouTube.
You could simply start by sharing articles you read that could help someone else.
Find you niche – fitness, knitting, travel, surfing, reading, writing, anything.
When you learn something, share it – share it by making a short video, share it in a short blog post, share it in a Facebook post, just start somewhere.

So, if you’re in a nutrition based network marketing company you could share cool information about how Tumeric and Bromelain can help ease joint pain. Then you can share some success stories from your company related to a product with these ingredients.
This begins to build You as an authority.

You can do the same with any niche. And if you aren’t in network marketing but solely affiliate marketing, share valuable information in your niche to attract customers. You can then guide them to your product.

So, the 3 steps to Succeed in Network Marketing Fast are:
1. Learn – this can be done by reading books or articles, watching videos, going to events
2. Summarize – take snippets of what you’ve learned into bite sized summaries
3. Share – Take what you’ve learned, put into summarized forms, and share – share by video, by blog, even by Facebook Notes and shared to your profile. Everyone is hungry to learn “how to” do something better, faster, easier. People are hungry to learn “the secrets to….”. Feed them and you’ll feed yourself.

Did you get some value from this post today? Comment below if you did 🙂 Then be sure to do SHARE this, just like the post says so you can give value to others!

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Cheers to YOUR Success!
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