3 Essential Parts to Better Email Marketing & More Sales

So you have a list …or building one and not sure the best way to email your list? Email Marketing Boy blowing bubble

I recently read a really great (63 page; indepth) ebook on this exact subject! I want to break down for you the basics and Reader’s Digest version so you can get the nitty gritty and run with it! Hey … you might even make sales today!

Here are 3 parts to help your email marketingopen rates, build relationships, and convert to more sales!

  1. Headline – if your list isn’t opening your emails, you’re not going to build relationships and if you don’t build relationships, the likelihood of seeing sales is slim to none. You want “Catchy” headlines that entice and pull your readers to “just have to” open your emails.
  2. Body – without a few curves and a shake, let’s face it, no one’s going to be interested in what you have to share! While I love to tell a good story on camera or real life, doing it in copy can be a challenge but those who do it well pull me in like a snake charmers. In the body of your email, people like to read stories. That’s why books, movies, and social media do so well … they entertain and pull people in to another world. Your stories should be tied to what you’re selling in a way that doesn’t say, “BUY ME BUY ME” but rather, “Hey … I’m exactly what you’ve been looking for and now, here I am!” You become the solution to a problem!! You COULD even start your story …. then direct them to your blog (much more impactful btw) and finish your story by text or video there. It gives people a reason to get to your blog and That would be your #3:3. ACTION!  Admittedly, this is an area I can really get better at. People like to be told what to do next so it’s important to make a Clear (but not push) Call To Action aka what to do now …. Ie: So if you’re like Colonel Sanders and want to build your own empire, start now with this ebook that will give you the A to Z steps to make it happen starting with only $10 and a dream. Make it fun so your readers will be compelled to read it; afterall, if you’ve just given them some great value, they’ll want to reciprocate by at LEAST clicking your link! If you’ve directed your readers to your blog post, be SURE to have a VERY Clear call to action at the end of the post; Share, comment, and P.S. Get more info here….

Refer to this post over and over when crafting your next email broadcast or autoresponder message.

Did you get some value from this post? Comment below if you did.

To Your Success!
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