17 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

17  Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Wow. June already … wasn’t it JUST Mother’s Day? Frankly, there should be more than one day honoring Mothers … but, I digress. We’re talking about Dads here. June 17th is Father’s Day … 16 days from now and to honor Dad, I’m going to list 17 Ideas for you to give him. Why 17? Well, I thought of this the other night and at that time, there were 17 days til Father’s Day & it’s on the 17th of this month, so, what better than to have an idea for each day? You know, for those who need a lot of ideas and for those who are ambitious and might actually get them all. This list is in advance especially for those gifts that might need shipping time.

1. Sports

Many men love sports – whether they love to watch it, play it, or both. With it comes everything that goes with it! Whether it’s watching college basketball, NFL, NHL, or NBA games, you know if the Dad you’re shopping for could appreciate a hat, shirt, tickets, blanket, or other sports related paraphernalia!  Head to your nearest on or offline sports authority and get your Dad dressed up in the colors and logos he favors!

2. Tools

While women would consider appliances or Tools of the Home, poor Mother’s Day gifts (not this mama though), Dad’s LOVE appliances – – the kind for carpentry and/or home improvement though.  Power tools are the the most exciting thing gifts men can receive. Their eyes LIGHT up and nearly fall out of their sockets when they see have a new power tool!! Yes, picking up a new drill or using a new paint brush can actually get YOUR Honey-Do list complete this summer ….!

(Canadadian Home Depot orders)

Of course, not all men are looking for POWER TOOLS. How about Yard tools? A new mower (loud and powerful – ah,ah,ah!!) or if you have a gardener, new pruning sheers or loppers might be what makes him happy. Or even a really good blade sharpener!

Tools can really mean a lot, think about who you’re shopping for.

3. Electronics

Some are into using their hands on power tools and some Dads like to use their hands on the newest electronic gadgets – be it the smallest music device (my husband loves his Zen Creative and my Dad loves his iPod), a new touch screen phone (we love the Androids here but my brother’s house is an Apple house!), new laptops, tablets, or desktop computers, even GPS and electronic accessories are eyeballed with enthusiasm!

WARNING: you should have a super absorbent towel handy to wipe up the drool from the tech-geek Dads you’re giving these gifts to!
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4. Magazine Subscriptions

Never underestimate the excitement a magazine gift is able to give the Dad in your life. What else are they going to read when they are in the bathroom for HOURS on end? I’m pretty sure that’s all men REALLY do … check out magazines … I mean, how could ANY man REALLY have that much in their body to unload?? Anyway … I love to get my subscriptions via Amazon because they cost less than the cards in the magazines, are reliable, and are incredibly quick to get the first issue to my front door! When giving a magazine subscriptions as a gift, giving it with a current issue is a great way to present it and give Dad something to look forward to and start sinking his teeth into!

5. Passes/Tickets

Does Dad like certain musical groups or been wanting to go to a particular showing at a museum or maybe there is a theatrical event happening nearby? 2 Tickets for him to see one or more of these, front row or VIP with a friend or loved one is a cool way to get him out of the house doing something he’s been wanting to do anyway!

6. Alcohol

This should not be taken like it says … well … I suppose it could be. A case of beer or wine will probably always be a hit. But, if we expand that box, I think you could also have a happy camper. Take that case of beer or wine and ADD to it, a monthly club membership. For example,

Clubs of America - Great Gift Ideas!

7. Outdoor Getaway

One year I set up a Boys Day Out where I invited 5 of my husband’s friends, arranged with REI kayaks, and arranged a whitewater trip for all 6 with lunch and all!

Another year I bought a campsite pass at a national park about 2 hours away with hiking, waterfalls, and horseback riding for my husband to go, by himself. I printed color pictures of the camping area from the website then put them in a 3-ring binder. I put a blank sticky copier sheet on the front and a cut to fit one on the side – binding part. One the front, the kids wrote Happy Father’s Day, pictures, and their names. 5 years later and we still have the binder!

Finding an outdoor gift that will suit Dad is pretty easy. Just know what he likes – maybe it’s not your traditional outdoor getaway. Maybe he’s an amazing gardener. Many state parks have gardener hikes – sign him up for one of these. They are often a bring a sack lunch and camera and last all day.

8. Spa Day

Massages aren’t just for the women! Men LOVE a good massage! Some even appreciate a facial, mani and pedi – it’s true! If you know the Dad in your life, you can determine the best spa gift for him! My husband loves massages – deep tissue is his thing! My Dad? He’d probably just give the certificate to my Mom … or maybe me … hmmmmmmm….! Look for deals, nationwide at SpaFinder that lets Dad choose where he goes when he’s ready.

9.  Anything BBQ Related

Look – dads are the domains of BBQ! (My husband, yes, my dad, no! It’s really best, in this case, to keep my dad far away from grills!!) BUT – if the dad you’re shopping for is a good griller or wants to be – a new grill or grilling accessories is the way to go. Be it a small charcoal grill or maybe one for tailgating or maybe it’s time to upgrade to a smoker, you just can’t go wrong (in most cases) in this direction.  Does he have it all already? The accessories these days are unlimited, including, a beer holster to keep his beer handy and cold!

10. Auto-related

This love of cars doesn’t run in my family, however, many men are enthralled with everything cars. Whether you get him a magazine subscription, new tools to tinker with, accessories for his classic cars, or tickets to a classic car show, this always seems to be a big hit to give Dad who loves car a day of enjoying this hobby!

11. Gear

My husband loves outdoor gear – hiking, camping, clothing, accessories, climbing, biking, diving you name it, if it’s for the outdoors, he’s all for it! Know the Dad you’re shopping for and buy based on his preferences.

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12. Music

Aaaahhh…. music sooooothes the savage beast. Be it an iPod a Zen Creative, iTunes cards, new CDs, a DVD of a special concert, or concert tickets, music is always a lasting gift because Dad will play the music over and over, his favorite pieces he relaxes to or rocks out to when the time hits him!! If your dad has a portable device like an iPod or Zen but isn’t very savvy with putting new music on it, this might be a great gift – add new favorites for him and get him – it can cost little to nothing aside from time! Type out the list and give it to him in a protective sheet or laminated for a few cents at a local office supply store.

13. Gift cards

Sometimes a gift card is just the best way to go. If the Dad you’re buying for has a favorite place to shop, then get a gift card from there plus a small gift he can use right away until he goes shopping. If you’re Dad is hard to figure out, a Visa, MC, or American Express (AMEX) is what you should get. Right not AMEX has a special Father’s Day deal where you don’t even have to pay the $4.95 activation fee!

14. Books

Having a good book – be it audio or visual, can and never, should be underestimated! Some Dads like having audio books whether it’s in the car or in a cd player while others simply like to see the words and soak them in. Some dads are into feeling the pages in their hands while others love the portability of the new electronic readers that are surprisingly affordable starting at $79 and the books from free and up.

15. Accessories

Like women, seriously, men like accessories …. sure, they don’t call it that, but they do like them! What else do you call wallets, watches, and ‘stuff’ like that?? Some men love belts, ties, and jewelry. Hey – the man-bag is also very trendy and appreciated by many men while others simply want duffle, laptop, or sports bags.

16. Clothes

Be it a sear sucker, outdoor shirt that evaporate the sweat before it can even touch the shirt, or basics, clothes always is a hit in my family. Every year it seems like my husband needs new shirts and shorts and my Dad just loves getting the sear suckers I get him! Get online for some of the great deals you can score by planning ahead!!

17. Picture Collage

Dads are just as sentimental as Moms, they just don’t want to admit it! Be creative when you do this; pull together a mini-album he can carry around of the year’s events. Or a fun collage of the siblings – from different eras growing up to now with kids & their own families. Or how about photos of Dad this past year or the past few years with each of the siblings and/or grandkids (if applicable!).  Check out Snapfish for quick and inexpensive ways to put together and have shipped to you great ideas!

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Did you get some ideas worth checking out today? If so, please let me know by commenting below. If you think someone else could benefit from this, please click SHARE below – LIKE it on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, and Definitely Share it on G+!

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