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The 6 Things I Stole from a CEO

6 things I stole from a CEOGASP!

Can you IMAGINE?

A wholesome (okay … maybe wholesome is stretching it) mom of 3, a Donna Reed/Martha Stewartesque wife (stop laughing) just stole 6 things and I want to pass them on to you!

Don’t worry, you won’t be arrested for aiding and abetting or taking stolen goods … I guess technically I didn’t Steal, per se, these things.

Recently I was on Yes, I was trolling for good info, content, whatever… Anyway, as I was browsing the titles, I noticed one that caught my attention. See, I’m in the process of re-branding (the site you’re on in case you didn’t know) and open to ideas to better how I market, how I use my time, etc. This article is titled 6 CEO Productivity Tips to Steal For Yourself See? They TOLD me to steal this! You can link to the article (see the title I posted and click on it) or you can get a synopsis here:

My favorite is #1. I learned this from a book I read called The Power of Full Engagement. One of the ideas in this book is that the human brain is able to focus for a MAXIMUM of 90 minutes at a stretch before it begins to lose focus. I’ve taken this to heart and practiced this since reading the book 10 years ago.
1. Take Breaks Every 90 Minutes.  When you DO take a break, whether for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, be sure to fully DISengage. The MOST successful on this planet use this SIMPLE disengagement tool to be able to focus better. Try it. You’ll notice a huge difference in your focusing power.

As a mom of 3 AND a full time Controller, this next one is a VERY challenging one .. the last word is KEY!

2.  Make Yourself UNinterruptible sometimes.  Closing doors, waiting until the place is quiet (ie: kids are in bed), turning off phones & social media are all ways you can make this happen – even for 30-45 minute intervals. This goes back to #1 and can help in your ability to focus!

Number 3 is SO important. As a full time employee and mom and blogger, this is super critical for me and I bet for many of you!
3. Manage your Energy, not just your time.  I still haven’t quite figured out the art of this yet … if you have, please holler at me in the comments section.

GUILTY on this next one!! I have wrist marks to prove it!
4. Don’t be a slave to email. During the week this thing Rules me. I’m learning to check this only a few times a day. With smart phones today it’s so easy to check more often and at an office j-o-b it’s incredibly easy. Find a way OUT! Unshackle those chains!

I know a few people who have mastered #5 … not the 2nd part but definitely the first … frustratingly so! So, keep in mind to be courteous too!

5. Keep your emails Short AND SWEET.  Courtesy goes a long way and by keeping emails short, you’ll save yourself and your recipient time, something you’ll both be thankful for.

I am getting better and better at this last one … be it at work or at home and now learning how to outsource as an online marketer so I can do more in the same amount of time!

6. Delegate, delegate, delegate. ’nuff said.

Did you learn something from this post you will apply to your own life? Comment below to let me know!

Remember what you learned in kindergarten, Share this post if you received some value. Thanks :-)

Encourage, Empower, & Entertain,
Jenny Sung

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Keep Your Face to the Sunshine & You Cannot S...

Sunshine quote by Helen Keller Inspirational Quote

Believe, Imagine, Inspire.

Just a quick note of inspiration today :-)

Imagine Believe Rocks























Happy Day!
Warm days ahead,

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7 Foods that Will Fight the Morning Blahs [Yahoo H...

7 Foods that Will Fight the Morning BlahsOne of the biggest problems that physically active women experience on a daily basis is maintaining high enough energy levels to be able to excel at work, exercise and socializing. If you find that, after work, your thoughts tend to run more toward getting home as quickly as possible to pass out on the couch for the night rather than hitting the gym for a high-intensity workout, you’re in need of a diet makeover and some fatigue-fighting foods.

What you eat during the day will have a significant impact on your energy levels, so it’s vital to eat the right foods at the right times.

Here are the best fatigue-fighting foods to concentrate on.

Steel-cut oatmeal with egg whites

You need some fatigue-fighting food to start your day off and to make sure you have enough energy to carry you through the morning, and you really can’t go wrong with some steel-cut oats and egg whites. The steel-cut oats slowly digest in the body, so they will break down over time rather than all at once. In addition to this, the egg whites will provide protein to the meal, which further reduces the release of glucose into the blood from the oatmeal.

Whole grain crackers with almond butter

As midmorning rolls around, it’s important to feed your body again to carry your energy levels through the morning and into lunch. To prevent that midmorning slump, top off your tank with some fatigue-fighting foods like whole grain crackers smeared with almond butter.

Whole grain crackers digest more slowly than a cereal bar would and the healthy snack provides a long-lasting form of energy.

Salmon spinach salad with an apple

Moving on to lunch, think lower carbs and higher protein. Many people overload with carbohydrates, which leads to a significant energy crash come their gym session.

If you find you always come back from lunch wishing you could take a siesta, that’s a sure sign you’re overdoing carbohydrates.

Instead, go with protein that contains omega-3 fatty acids, such as grilled salmon. Serve this over spinach, which provides a hit of iron, and you have an energy-packed plate in front of you. Since you still should take in a small amount of carbohydrates to set you up for the workout period, toss an apple in for dessert.

The fiber in the fruit will cause a slower release of sugars in the blood so the chance of fatigue from eating this is lower.

Protein shake and a banana

About half an hour before you’re finished work and plan to leave for the gym, it’s time to get another dose of protein with some carbohydrates. Depending on your overall diet strategy, you may want to toss in about half a cup of raw oats into the shake for a slower-digesting form of carbohydrates.

Pair this with a banana for a faster source of carbohydrates to fuel your upcoming workout. Bananas are also a great source of potassium, which will also really help to get your muscles ready for exercise.

Steak with a brown-rice-stuffed pepper

For your evening meal, you don’t want to entirely cut down on carbohydrates unless you didn’t train that day, as you still need them to increase the muscle storage of energy. The trick is choosing carbohydrates that are more complex in nature so they don’t spike and crash your blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling very fatigued throughout the later evening.

Brown rice is a good option paired with a lean protein source like steak. The steak will add iron to the meal, which is essential for keeping a healthy level of red blood cells in the body. Serve this with a red pepper for a boost in vitamin C, which improves the absorption rate of iron for a meal that’s going to fight fatigue head-on.

Protein-packed shake

Before you turn in for the night, feed your body one last time so that it has nutrients in the system before entering the seven-to-eight-hour fast. Focus on lower carbohydrate sources that are high in slow-releasing protein content so that the amino acids can be used for tissue repair. This will leave you waking up fully rested and ready to go the next day.

Mix half a cup of cottage cheese along with a scoop of casein protein powder for the slowest-digesting protein available. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a banana for flavor if you wish to get in some healthy fats that further slow the digestion process.

No rest for the wicked

By taking the time to properly plan your daily meals you can be sure that you’re eating foods that are going to deliver a steady stream of energy and keep you from feeling fatigued. The trick is to avoid processed options as much as possible and instead choose foods that are natural and that slow the digestion process.


Here is the ORIGINAL Article, via Yahoo! Health; SHINE!

Faith, Trust, & . . . .

This is a quick post for today to simply put out there that our

 THOUGHTS become our

FEELINGS which become our

ACTIONS which propels our


Last night I spent some time on social media to get myself out there to market,

interact, and expand my reach. In joining one community on Google +, I had shared

a Ghandi picture and quote, with a quick message wishing everyone a bit of inspiration.

I got a FIRESTORM for this. Not because it was Ghandi or the quote which took up 99%

of my post. But because of my personal link at the end of me wishing everyone a bit

of inspiration. Honestly, at first I was confused and a bit disappointed that I was being

attacked for this. I was immediately labeled a spammer. Interesting. I see inspirational photos like this very frequently on Facebook and it is well received as the majority of the individuals choose to focus on the 99% of good vs the 1% they don’t need to even pay attention to. You see, YOUR Thoughts DO lead to RESULTS.  I CHOSE to take that attack and market differently .. giving MORE value, in a more subtle way leading with 100% value and inspiration. So, Thank YOU To my attackers who chose to go down the path less followed.

Jenny Sung







P.S. Remember to SHARE this post and comment to let me know YOUR feelings on this … how would YOU have reacted??


[Intent] 7 Ways This ONE Thing Can Transform Your ...

7 Ways Meditation Can Transforn Your Life JennySung.comThe last few days, and the past 24 hours, have been particularly mentally draining for me. Life has its ups and downs and these are one of those times I feel like I’m climbing an uphill battle. Our mental states, positive or negative, can remain there if we dwell on those thoughts or be changed by changing what we think about and how we allow our environments to effect our thoughts and actions.

I do my best to turn my Debbie Downer emotions to Suzy Sunshine but sometimes it takes work.

It’s very time appropriate that I received an email this morning on the 7 Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Life. I truly believe “time-out” from our thoughts, centering our thoughts, and clearing out of the negative to allow room for the positive can be reached with purposeful meditation. Of course, even knowing this, I allowed myself to wallow and stew for far too long in my negative state, forgetting this timeless technique for getting myself out of this funk!

Here I share that article with you. I hope you’ll gain some insight that will help you.

We were teaching a workshop in Southwest England when Ed asked the group: “If you like to suffer then raise your hand.” No one raised a hand. So why do we create suffering for both ourselves and others?

Seems like we love to suffer as all the ways out of suffering are staring us in the face. If not, then why do more people drink alcohol than meditate, or why do more people eat fast food than get exercise? Smoking cigarettes is a major cause of death in the U.S., as is sugar consumption leading to obesity, so why do we love everything that is bad for us and keep away from things that do us good?

Presumably it’s because we really don’t like ourselves too much and live in such a way that our own needs take second place. Or we believe we’re invulnerable and will go on forever: “Things like that don’t happen to me!” But once a cycle of self-denigration gets started it takes a huge amount of determination and motive to make real changes. For the mind is a perfect servant as it will do whatever it’s told, but it’s a terrible master as it fails to help us help ourselves.

Which can be even harder when our mind is like a deranged monkey, leaping from one thought or drama to the next, never allowing us time to be quiet, peaceful and still. Meditation can make a huge difference to this, which may sound farfetched but it’s a direct way to cut through the chaotic monkey mind that’s constantly making excuses and supporting our resistance. Yet so many people pay it so little attention. Drinking alcohol can kill and meditation can save, yet there are far more people who drink.

It is fascinating to note how the Buddha recognized suffering and it’s role in our lives all of 2,600 years ago. His basic teachings are the Four Nobel Truths: 1) life is suffering; 2) the reason for that suffering is because of our desire for things to be different to how they are; 3) the way to become free of suffering, which includes meditation; 4) the ultimate state of freedom from suffering.

Here are seven ways meditation can transform your life:

1. Chills You Out

Stress iMeditation by Moyan Brenn at Flickr.coms responsible for 70-90% of illnesses, while quiet time is the most effective remedy for a busy and overworked mind. In a stressed state, it is easy to lose touch with inner peace, compassion and kindness; in a relaxed state, the mind clears and we connect with a deeper sense of purpose and altruism. Your breath is your best friend. Anytime you feel stress rising, heart closing, mind going into overwhelm, just focus on your breathing and quietly repeat: Breathing in, I calm the body and mind; breathing out, I smile.

2. Releases Anger and Fear

Anger can lead to hatred and violence. If we don’t accept our negative feelings then we are likely to repress or disown them, and when denied they can cause shame, depression and rage. Meditation enables us to see how selfishness, aversion and ignorance create endless dramas and fears. It may not be a cure-all, it’s not going to make all our difficulties go away or magically transform our weaknesses into strengths, but it does enable us to release self-centered and angry attitudes and generate a deeper inner happiness.

3. Generates Appreciation

A lack of appreciation easily leads to abuse and exploitation. So, start by taking a moment just to appreciate the chair you are sitting on. Consider how the chair was made: the wood, cotton, wool, or other fibers, the trees and plants that were used, the earth that grew the trees, the sun and rain, the animals that maybe gave their lives, the people who prepared the materials, the factory where the chair was built, the designer and carpenter and seamstress, the shop that sold it—all this just so you could be sitting here, now. Then extend that appreciation to every part of yourself, then to everyone and everything in your life: For this I am grateful. And see how your attitude to your world changes.

4. Develops Kindness and Compassion

Every time you see or feel suffering, whether in yourself or in another, every time you make a mistake or say something stupid and are just about to put yourself down, every time you think of someone you are having a hard time with, every time you see someone struggling, upset or irritated, just stop and bring loving kindness and compassion to yourself. Breathing gently, silently repeat: May you be well, may you be happy, may you be filled with loving kindness.

There is a reservoir of basic goodness in all beings but we often lose touch with this natural expression of caring and friendship. In meditation, we go from seeing our essentially selfish and ego-bound nature to recognizing that we are an integral part of a far greater whole, and as the heart opens we can bring compassion to our fallibility and humanness. Meditation is, therefore, the most compassionate gift we can give to ourselves.

5. Actives Harmlessness

Simply through the intent to cause less pain we can bring greater dignity to our world, so that harm is replaced with harmlessness and disrespect with respect. Ignoring someone else’s feelings or needs, thinking thoughts of revenge and dislike, affirming our hopelessness, or seeing ourselves as incompetent or unworthy are all causes of personal harm. How much resentment, guilt, or shame are we holding on to, thus perpetuating such harmfulness? Meditation enables us to transform this through recognizing our essential goodness as well as the preciousness of all life.

6. Inter-Connects

Without sharing and caring we live in an isolated, disconnected and lonely world. We can take meditation ‘off the cushion’ and put it into action as we become more deeply aware of our connectedness with all beings. From being self-centered, we become other-centered, concerned about the welfare of all. Then, reaching out beyond ourselves becomes a spontaneous expression of genuine generosity seen in our capacity to let go of conflicts or forgive mistakes, or in our desire to help those in need. We are not alone here, we all walk the same earth and breathe the same air; the more we participate, the more we are connected and fulfilled.

7. Invites You To Be With What Is

The very nature of life includes change and unfulfilled desire and a longing for things to be different from how they are, all of which brings discontent and dissatisfaction. Almost everything we do is to achieve something: if we do this, then we will get that; if we do that, then this will happen. But in meditation we do it just to do it. There is no ulterior purpose other than to be here, in the present moment, without trying to get anywhere or achieve anything. No judgment, no right or wrong, simply being aware.

Meditation enables us to see clearly, to witness our thoughts and behavior and reduce our self-involvement. Without such a practice of self-reflection there is no way of putting a brake on the ego’s demands. Stepping out of the conceptual mind, however, doesn’t mean stepping into nowhere or nothing; it doesn’t mean that there is no connection to a worldly reality. Rather, it is stepping into sanity and, more importantly, into even greater connectedness. Then we have no more need to do ourselves harm!

For more information:

See the Entire & original article here:

Meanwhile … here is a video I thought you might enjoy to help you ….Be sure you watch & listen to this video when you are in the comfort of a location you can fully relax.
(For a shorter meditation, see the 2nd video; under 5 minutes!)

Full Guided Meditation Video:

Mindfulness Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Please comment below on your meditation experience or thoughts on the article.

Namaste …










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[Oprah] [Deepak Chopra] Overcoming Negative Energy...

Overcoming Negative EnergyHave you ever had one of those days or maybe a week where bad, negative energy seemed to be attaching itself to you? I know there are a lot of people who believe that if you are positive all the time then that’s what you’ll attract.

Well, I can tell you that I am normally an extremely positive person.  I found though, that there are some people who are perpetually doom and gloom and, because of their particular presence in your life, it might not be a realistic option.

You could choose to be angry with them and how they treat you in hopes that it will change them. But all this really does is harm to you. YOU are the one who will suffer.

You could choose to talk with the person, in hopes they will change, but, again, the disappointment will be yours when they don’t change (I know this from experience).

Do you see the common factor here? You want others to change. This is a feat that  can only disappoint you. If you want to see change, it must be within yourself. And if you get to the point where you are able to separate your time away from these individuals, then do it.

Meanwhile, you can do 2 things.

1. Choose the accept people as they are and

2. Do what Oprah & Deepak Chopra say to do in the short video below:

I feel what Oprah says is SO profound, and YES! Totally something we can ALL do! I takes discipline to retrain our minds to do this but once we do, OMG – can you imagine the possibilities?

Please share below, your thoughts on overcoming negative energy.

Wishing your Positive energy, light, & love!
Jenny Sung Pic








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The 10 Principles to The Power of Setting Intentio... intention

Intention. noun

1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
2. the end or  purpose.

3. intentions.

  – purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct                    
Do YOU set intentions? Write down, visualize, record, read, & listen to what you want to happen in your life?
That dream house you want – have you visualized very aspect of walking in it? Visualize finding it, buying it, celebrating the purchase of it? Have you written down the visualization? How does the weather feel? What is the environment feel like when you find it? Detail it all out ….
How about when that perfect significant other?
You see, when you INTEND on getting to certain point, it must be SO clear to you that it is as though it happened already.I’m not an expert at this, so I invite you to get the 10 Principles to The Power of Setting Intentions by an expert, Dr. Wayne Dyer.
This video is a bit longer than the videos I normally share, however, I feel that it is warranted. I originally got the steps to setting intentions from a 1 hour audio. It set my thinking in a whole new direction. I became more focused, more disciplined, more happy (or, happier for my grammar police!), and more consistent.  I started seeing regular results from my actions.
What did you take from this video? Comment below to share your thoughts.
Remember to share with others on Facebook, G+ or other social media outlets :-) Thx!
Warm Wishes For Successful Intentions!
Jenny Sung
P.S. Want to listen to the audio that taught me to visualize and set clear intentions? The 15K Formula, video & audio 1 from here: INTENTIONS.