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Strategically planning with You
to make more money doing what you Love,
to automate accounting &
to Enjoy managing your money!

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Discover THE ONE THING That Consistently Results in Success . . .

There is ONE THING all business owners AND executives have in common that enables every one of them to successfully Be Effective in their Work, Work Less Hours Consistently, Make More Money than Anyone Who Doesn’t Do This, Have More Time (100% to 500% more) And Is WHY They can LIVE A LIFE OF EASE.

This was discovered in the 19th Century and has evolved year after year, saving business men AND women time and increasing income without fail. Today, men and women use this with greater ease.

Discover THE ONE THING I call The Franklin Revolution that is YOUR Key to Banishing Burnout FOR GOOD, Reducing Stress, and Eliminating Overwhelm Forever.  Click the Button to Get Immediate Access To The Video About THE ONE THING.

How We Work With You

We will create strategic plan together  to

  • Strategically grow net income based on what You Love,
  • Create a brand & story that resonates with you and your ideal client,
  • Automate money management & any other areas so you can focus on what you love & serving your clients.
  • Make money management exciting & rewarding so you can fulfill the lifestyle for you, your family, and help your clients do the same.

Companies & business owners from new start ups to Fortune 100 have benefited from the strategic plans we’ve worked on together.

After working with us, like others, you may experience:

  • Net income to skyrocket up to 12 1/2 times in as little as 15 months,
  • Return on time boosted up to 400%,
  • Systemized & Simple Processes,
  • Automated Systems,
  • Deeply transformed perspectives on purpose, vision, & clarity to execute,
  • Laser focus on all tasks,
  • and much, much more . .

Say Good Bye to:

  • burnout – banished for good!
  • stress – reduced for the better!
  • overwhelm – eliminated forever!
  • confusion, even fear about money

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Do you want to make money doing what You Love and LOVE What you’re doing?

Do you want to feel confident in your messaging & use your story to attract clients you love & who love you?

Do you want to automate your business so you can focus on your clients?

Do you want to love looking at the numbers in your business without fear, confusion, or  anxiety?

I’ve been in the accounting, finance, operations, and online business strategies for nearly 25 years. I LOVE my clients & I LOVE What I do! I want YOU To feel the same, every day! Let’s begin strategizing how to create the business you love with the income you love.

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Make Money Work for You Strategy Session.


Jenny is the Founder of The Productive Strategist, a Money Mentoring Strategy business.

A former finance & accounting industry leader, Jenny has helped individuals & teams from new entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies Skyrocket profits up to 12TIMES, Boost Salaries up to 40% and Exponentially Increase up to 400% time from her business & money strategies specifically customized for each client.

After nearly 25 years, Jenny knows what works and what doesn’t.

She understands money, branding, messaging, automation, mindset and Doing what You Love because she is living it.

The Productive Strategist is THE Go-to Coaching & Speaking company for individuals and corporate teams to invest in for better money & business strategies that can be implemented immediately.

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Ready to Optimize your time?

Skyrocket your income?

And create a real strategic plan for growth?

I bring you over 20 years of experience and skills in processes, systems, engaging with professionals, and online & offline expertise.
We will strategically work together to create the right plan for You, your team, and your company.

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On the call we will:
==> Create a crystal clear vision of the exact steps you need to attract your ideal client or team to Explode income, focus, and effectiveness for the Ultimate Business Success you envision!

==> Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging the growth & success of your department or business.

==> Have you leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized & inspired to turn your business into a HIGHLY profitable, revenue generating machine that practically runs itself, without burnout, stress, or overwhelm.

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