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We all need to vent .  . . . and you’ll learn to do it in a healthy way that allows you to remove what you don’t want and still attract what you DO want. Then we’ll get to work to determine the tools that are right for YOU to manage stress, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, defeatedness and panic that can set in from being a busy mom – whether you stay at home or work part or full time.

Tools that have helped moms are ways to prevent the things that stop you in your tracks and ways to manage your emotions, feelings, and moods while they are happening.

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Jenny is the Founder of The Productive Strategist, the home of Peace & Productive Warrior Moms.

As a mom of 3 kids, over 20 year veteren of the accounting & finance industries, entrepreneur, coach & consultant, Jenny has worked with Fortune 100 companies to mom & pop businesses be more Productive. And during that time, found that MOMS were needing more support . . .  needing tools to help create inner peace in the midst of the chaos of life.

Having struggled with feeling stressed, depressed, lack of confidence, and anxiousness, I know the challenges of being my best self when I don’t feel my best. Always wanting to put a smile on for my kids, even when I just wanted to cry.

The woo-woo, self talk didn’t work for me.
The quiet meditation was impossible with so much chatter in my head – who to pick up, when? What to get done today? and everything else that pops up as a Mom!
I was too tired at the end of each day to journal and mornings? I was lucky to be awake enough to get my kids breakfast & off to school!

But I kept looking for what would work for me . . . to give me clarity, to give me inner peace when I didn’t feel it or see it, and to be able to get in that state, in a pinch, anytime, anyplace.

I want to share what I’ve learned with YOU so YOU can be YOUR Best Self when you need it . . . sure, I still want to cry sometimes (and do) but overall, I can now manage those moments that pull me away from being present and snap back to where I Mentally need to be.

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Becoming a Peaceful Warrior means being mindful of creating the energy that resonates both within yourself and outside yourself that permeates to the environment around you.

All matter is made of energy. That energy vibrates. It vibrates at different frequencies and those frequencies connect with the energy and frequencies of those around you.

Have you ever felt the energy around you feel dark or depressed or down around certain people? It’s not your imagination. It’s actually the vibrations people are outputting and YOU are feeling it in your own energy fields.This is why you hear people say to surround yourself with Positive People, because they Literally have different energy vibrations they output which you absorb.

Of course, there are times when no matter what, events and our minds can get the better of us and we fall into stress, defeatedness, anxiety, or depression. The difference of those who never seem to feel this way vs those who exude these stressed states is how they handle the emotions when they creep up on us.

Those who can manage their mindset and energy anywhere, anytime will get through those emotional states with less stress than those who cannot manage them and get Stuck. It can be debilatating. It can make the state of mind worse. And it can prevent one from feeling like she can move forward.

Discover how to move from acknowledging a state to managing it and moving out of it to boost your energy frequencies back up.

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You’ll feel weights lifted off of you.

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You’ll feel in control of how you handle life.

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