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My Mission To You

At Impact Business Strategies I strive to create a Global, Positive Impact on the well-being of businesses, their employees, & their customers.

How I Work With You


Nearly every business, Mom & Pop to Fortune 100 wants to  have better Net Income (that’s the money you have left after all your expenses).  You’ve gotten this far but now you’re stuck. This is where I come in.

I work with my clients to create custom and very strategic, laser focused plans through the OKR (or Objectives & Key Results) leadership & consulting method. This specific method will give you a framework to work within and measure performance to reach goals & stay on target with the company Vision and Mission Statement.  By the time the plans are fully implemented, you have overcome current business pains, have engaged employees, and to be able to create long & short term goals as well as quarterly objectives you can easily, simply, and enjoyable measure.

Once the plan is fully in place, you’ll be able to continue your business without my regular presence or we can continue to work together for more advanced planning of automation, building out your team, KPI analysis & even FP&A. (not sure what these business abbreviations stand for? Then you definitely want to schedule a call. These are some of the most important business terms to strategic planning, scaling, and purposeful, steady growth. If you aren’t using these things, you may be Losing money without knowing it. Schedule a call now.)

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Jenny is the Founder of The Productive Strategist, an international business consulting firm that works with small to medium sized businesses to strategically grow net income through custom plans using OKR methodology and business strategies integrated with personal success perspectives (a ‘fancy’ way of saying, Mindset work). Want to Jump right to the results she’s helped create? Skip to the last paragraph to get to the juicy stuff! Want to know about her ‘overnight’ success? Read on . . . .

As a mom, a nearly 25 year veteren of the accounting & finance industries plus entrepreneur, business & personal development coach & consultant, Jenny has worked with Fortune 100 companies to mom & pop businesses be more Productive in business increasing net income 5 Times+ and both increasing time & improving the quality of time spent personally.

After nearly failing out of college the first semester, she discovered how to use her time better to where she got on the Dean’s list the 2nd semester and ongoing then graduated with academic accolades and honors. Once in the corporate workplace, she found she had a talent for creating processes that helped companies & the employees be more productive causing rapid promotions up the corporate ladder in unprecendeted times. At the same time, Jenny started both a group and newsletter that increased the moral of the department (over 500 people), awarding her the Corporate Above & Beyond Award for the change in the positive energy and impacts to the employees.

Jenny set up processes and procedures for businesses until she decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship, consulting business owners to increase their productivity, net income, and business perspectives. She went from a local to international presence in less than a year, working with owners across the U.S., in Canada, in Europe, and in Asia.

Results for businesses & owners have included increasing Revenues by up to 12 TIMES, Leaping Productivity over 100%, improving Net Income by 5 to 10 times, and creating time freedom and peace of mind to be with families more, help employees more, live lifestyles with happiness, and be more present in their lives.

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I’ve been incredibly fortunate to collaborate with incredible professionals in both my corporate and consulting areas of business.
Some have taken the time to share our work together. Some share the impact our stragezing has had on them and others share
how my impact helped alleviate their own work!

Please read and watch these amazing testimonials. More to come . . . .


Who do I work with?

I have consulting packages for business owners from $5MM to $25MM in Revenues.
I have smaller consulting packages for businesses that are between $1MM and $5MM in Revenues
Finally, you may have reached 6-figures but not quite ready for a consultant but do want guidance. I have a smaller advisory program to help you reach multiple 6 figures and break through to 7 figures.

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